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Tips and frustration

Mittwoch, 29. September 2004, 15:31

Hi. Yesterday i got my Aquaero, and it looks _nice_!

But when I started AquaeroUSB, I got both disappointed and frustrated!

There is NO helpfile or readme or anything, so how does the function works?

How do I set my fans to go soundless (about 3% power) when the temprature is under 35 on sensor 1 ? No, istead the fans goes from 0% all the way up to 80-100% for 3 seconds, and then down to 0%. Its _really_ annoying to hear the fans go VOOOOM every 10 seconds when the temprature is constant 32C.

So the fan-control is really non-functioning.

My tips to the next upgrade:
Add a function so that you can decide how much power on the fans when the temp is under a sertain value?
Temp(sensor1): Under 35
Fan1 : 3%

Temp(sensor1): From 35 to 37
Fan1 : 40%

Temp(sensor1): From 37 to 40
Fan1 : 70%

Temp(sensor1): Over 40
Fan1 : 100%

Then I can have a PC with _no_ sound from any fan when Im just using windows, and when I'm playing games, the aquaero fixes my temp with as less sound as possible.

Re: Tips and frustration

Mittwoch, 29. September 2004, 16:08

When I got my AE packet there was a helpfile in it, which is also available here (pdf-File).

Besides there is explained how to regulate the fans without getting those noises ...
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Re: Tips and frustration

Mittwoch, 29. September 2004, 16:14

Mhhh, set the minimum temperature to 35°C and the maximum temperature to 40°C - for example do this with sensor 1.

Now you can choose a fan and select sensor 1 for it. Mode should be linear. The fan will be off if temperature is bleow 35°C. At 35°C it will start very slow and turns faster if the temperature raises; at 40°C the fan will turn at maximum speed.


Junior Member

Re: Tips and frustration

Donnerstag, 30. September 2004, 01:28


i had the problem with the fans too - i solved it by disabling the "use rpm signal from the fan" function in the fan-menu!

;D Wenn jeder an sich denkt wird keiner vergessen ;D