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Montag, 9. Oktober 2017, 03:40

Forenbeitrag von: »UnbeholdenRamsgate«

Yellow "Additional Information" page insert?

This will likely be terribly butchered in parts, but it's from the Google Translate(Image recognition) app on my Galaxy S8+ - for future reference should you need to translate something visually. First Image: Important Notes on Commissioning Be sure to read the enclosed instructions! These instructions do not replace the detailed descriptions of the operating and installation instructions! Jumper to PC board Only Aquaduct 360 XT and 720XT: J1 The short-circuit plug ("jumper") must be removed if ...

Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017, 12:30

Forenbeitrag von: »UnbeholdenRamsgate«

Looking to use an Aquero 6 to run my loops, but not sure what I need exactly.

Howdy. So... to give an idea of what I'll be working with here, I have a Thermaltake Core P7 case(exhibit a: Core P7 ), and that is going to house a Threadripper 1950X, with SLI'd 1080 Ti's with each part in it's own loop. So, three loops in total, each GPU gets its own and so will the CPU. All will be cooled by EK PE radiators, two 480's and a 360 to be specific(CPU getting the 360) managed by 11 Thermaltake Riing Plus RGB fans(I do not know, and I do not expect, that these can be controlled by...