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Monday, June 3rd 2019, 5:27am

Author: Warmaniac_209

Aquaero 6 and Flowrate Datasource

i wondered if it was possible to make a custom set point controller, but instead of a target temperature, use a target flowrate, i use my aquaero to monitor and control my EK-D5 Pump, i was navigating in the aquasuite, but didint see my flow rate in the data source for any type of control whatsoever, only temperature thanks

Sunday, June 2nd 2019, 11:52pm

Author: Warmaniac_209

Aquaero - two controlers one output?

i personaly use the alarm tab in aquasuite, i setuped my warning alarm to be silent, and change profile to profile 2 when the water get to 40 c, the profile 2 is settuped to be much more agressive and take advantage of those High RPM Fan, and emergency shutdown is settuped so if my main pump goes bad, the secondary take relay, and the fan goes 100% just to be loud and let me know somethings wrong,,

Saturday, June 1st 2019, 9:52am

Author: Warmaniac_209

Quadro Voltage control ?

i recently bought a aquaero 6 for my build, and i wondered if it where any means to add more fan channel, like with a Quadro, but not necesarly PWM, ive got 5 fan group and 2 pumps, and i would like to get everything back on the aquaero, 4 of my fan group are gentle typhoon 1850 RPM fan, so they work on voltage control, 1 fan group is gentle typhoon high RPM 4250 RPM, PWM controlled, and 2 EK-D5 Pump, PWM controlled, set in redundancy, if one pump fail, the aquaero switch to the other. Right now...