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New build

Sonntag, 19. März 2017, 16:07

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since I built my latest computer, but it's time to upgrade! Finally my Athlon gets to retire! This time around I thought I'd use a bit of watercooling. I haven't built a custom watercooling loop before so I thought I'd start by asking some questions. I hope there's someone here to answer! :)

The system itself is going to be a Ryzen 1800X with an RX Vega on a Crosshair VI Hero. Looking at G.SKILL Flare X RAM and the 960 PRO 1TB SSD. It'll be living in a The Tower 900.

I was thinking of doing a split loop using;
1 x aquaero 6 LT
2 x aquastream ULTIMATE
2 x aqualis XT 880
2 x airplex radical 2/420

On one loop I'll be putting;
1 x M.2 SSD water block
1 x Vega gfx water block (when available)

On the other I'll be putting;
1 x cuplex kryos NEXT with VISION AM4, acrylic/nickel water block

I plan on tying everything together with hard acrylic tubing.

Now for some questions!

1, Is the Double Protect Ultra coolant compatible with acrylic?
2, Will the above parts play nicely together and provide a good cooling solution? Should I switch something for something else?
3, Are the airplex radical 2/420 a good choice or should I go with smaller or bigger?
4, Should I add RAM, chipset and regulator cooling to one of the loops?


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Junior Member

Montag, 20. März 2017, 12:25

150ml Aqualis should be fine here or 450ml if you really want to have bigger. As you will be using hard tubing there will be no evaporation happening as on normal flexible tubing.
airplex radical 240 for CPU and 360 for GPU is enough even for overclocking.

You can also consider using single loop as for 1 CPU and 1 GPU there should be more than enough flow and with minimal difference in temperature with single 420 radiator.

As for SSD, Samsung 960 hardly have issues with overheating and in worst case adding small passive memory heatsinks on each chip will be enough.

Mobo and memory watercooling is not really necessary, all you need to have is at least some airflow.

PS: I am already running on 1800X with Hero mobo and 240 AIO temporarily. (waiting for CPU waterblock)

For a coolant, I recommend distilled water with silver coil and drop of PT nuke rather than any mixtures especially colored ones which tend to degrade over time and gunk up your loop.

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Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 07:09


I'll take a look at the smaller radiators. And the smaller reservoirs, I'm just afraid they'll look silly in that huge case! Also, I was thinking of not filling them completely and using the "waterfall effect". :D

Good to know I won't be needing watercooling for the SSD, I read up on the PCI structure of Ryzen/x370 yesterday and using the kryoM.2 card will probably degrade performance.

I'll go google "silver coil" and "PT nuke" now.. :)


Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 07:37

Just stick with AquaComputer's Clear premixed fluid. I starting using it after years of distilled and silver. The DYI fluid didn't sit well on my CPU copper blocks and some QDC's from Koolance because of oxidization. EK and other reputed custom watercooling companies warns the use of this on their blocks too because of the nickel in EK's example and have seen the damage on that front. No point on saving a few bucks on DYI fluids. Especially when your loops could be worth in the hundreds, if not in the thousands for some all in the name of a annual cost of $20. Really not worth it.

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Freitag, 24. März 2017, 10:48

Ok, thanks for the input! I definately want what's best - not least expensive. And time is money, 15 minutes of mixing isn't free.. :)