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Having issues with USB being recognized

Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2018, 04:58

Brand new build..

Pro 6 USB connected to header.. I get USB not recognized and fails to go any further. I then go into device manager find the yellow triangle and try to update manually, but nothing works.

Rather disappointed is this a common issue, or am I just lucky?


Junior Member

Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2018, 07:38

Hi themule08,

stupid question:
also power and not only USB is connected to Pro 6 (I guess you mention Aquero 6 Pro)?

and for doing more help, more Infos are needed:
which Motherboard, wich CPU Type (AMD or Intel)? any other issues with usb?

Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2018, 08:52

Try this.

Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2018, 21:22

Try this.
Thank you very much! was able to get it going!

Freitag, 12. Januar 2018, 08:34


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