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Which kit do I need to convert block?

Montag, 22. Januar 2018, 15:07

Hi guys. I just bought this block.

But I need it to work on X99/X79 (I believe they are the same). Which kit do I need to do this? can you link me to the product please?

Thank you !


Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018, 11:24

Any one?

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018, 15:15

Did this come with the original packing with the manual? Should tell you what socket it is for but if I had to guess, this looks like a block for a AMD system.

If you bought this for your existing intel system, I would return this block and grab the right block for the right socket.


Junior Member

Samstag, 27. Januar 2018, 08:12

Any one?
I bought this kit: (sorry its from US site) http://www.aquatuning.us/water-cooling/c…ontact-pressure

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