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Sven - Admin

New: farbwerk nano - USB RGB LED controller

Tuesday, May 14th 2019, 1:31pm

farbwerk nano

With the farbwerk 360 we have had an extremely powerful RGB controller in our program for several months now. During the development of the farbwerk 360, which was designed for maximum performance, we also had the idea of developing a compact and smart RGB controller. This one should be easy to install and only being connected via a USB cable.

The resut is the farbwerk nano.

Despite its size, the farbwerk nano is an extremely powerful RGB controller. It is capable of controlling 90 addressable RGB LEDs and offers unique new functions. Equipped with an intelligent pushbutton and an integrated light sensor, the farbwerk nano is ideally suited for fully autonomous operation with a USB power supply.

With the integrated button, the farbwerk nano can be simply switched on and off. The profiles stored in the farbwerk nano can be easily changed by double-clicking the button. In addition, the brightness of the strip can be adjusted by pressing it for a longer time.

Due to its small size, the farbwerk nano can be easily attached to the monitor with the supplied clips, e.g. as an intelligent backlight, and enables easy activation without having to start the aquasuite!

The integrated light sensor enables ingenious functions. The brightness of effects can be automatically adjusted to the ambient light and the current light value can even be used as a sensor value in the effects. The possibility to change the profiles depending on the ambient light results in undreamt of possibilities: An AMBIENTpx that automatically activates itself when it gets dark or the cabinet wall lighting that automatically deactivates itself when the main light is switched on. Almost everything is possible with the farbwerk!

Despite its compact size, the farbwerk nano contains the complete technology of the farbwerk 360:

With ALPHApx we are introducing a new dimension in RGB controllers. ALPHApx technology can be used to create transparent effects. For the first time it is possible to freely combine effects in up to 20 layers!
To make all of this easy to use, we have invested a lot of work in the aquasuite software and have set a new milestone for RGB controllers. As in a video editing program, controllers can be dragged & dropped onto strips, moved, copied and even cloned. Effects can be combined and profiles can be created intuitively. We are very proud of the easy handling!

A total of up to 20 different controllers can be applied. In order to offer even more possibilities, these can also be cloned to other sections of the strips. Thus up to 60 sections can be defined on the strip. This is an ingenious function if e.g. three fans should represent the same effect. The effect can be assigned multiple times to the other fans.

To ensure that all effects are displayed as smoothly as possible, we have developed another technology: SMOOTHpx. With SMOOTHpx the transitions between the LEDs are blended softly. For this purpose, the effects are calculated by vectors in the farbwerk unit, which allow an exact calculation of stepless intermediate steps. This requires a lot of computing power and mathematics - no problem for the farbwerk nano.

Profiles are another request from many customers. The farbwerk nano provides powerful profile management. Each individual effect can be assigned to one or more profiles. The profiles can be switched intelligently on the basis of rules. Rules can be easily created based on started applications and prioritization is possible.

If all LEDs should be off when you use Office programs - no problem, the corresponding profile will be started automatically. This works with any number of applications.
Rules can also be based on sensor values. For example, an alarm profile can be selected if the temperature of a sensor is too high. In addition to the integrated light sensor, all data from the Aqua Computer Hardware Monitoring are available. The farbwerk nano can evaluate 16 software sensors with monitoring data.

Another highlight is AMBIENTpx. This beautifully programmed intelligent backlight for monitors can now cover almost any panel size with up to 90 LEDs. And if you need even more power, you can combine several farbwerk nano. The analysis of the monitor image is done with an extremely low system load. Once you've used this function, you won't want to miss it anymore!

When it comes to video and sound, the farbwerk nano is really strong. With special Sound-to-Light effects, level indicators and effects controllable via sound, there are incredible possibilities to set sound on stage!

In contrast to most other devices on the market, the farbwerk nano works completely independently - including profile switching. The effects are calculated in the device and no running PC or software is necessary. Only if monitoring or audio/video data from the PC is used, the PC has to run of course - but the transfer takes place in the background by the Aqua Computer Service.

If you want to use the farbwerk nano with a USB power supply unit, it can be easily configured on a PC or notebook and then connected to the power supply unit. All sliders, profiles and other settings remain permanently stored in the device. The farbwerk nano can be operated without a PC!

The accessories of the farbwerk nano include a RGBpx strip with 15 LEDs and a connection cable.

The price is also "nano" and is 29.90 Euro. The farbwerk nano is available in two versions: With internal or external USB cable.

See the details:

The new ALPHApx technology allows the intuitive combination of up to 20 effects via alpha transparency.

With this technology, all effects in the farbwerk nano are faded over almost steplessly. This ensures smooth and much higher resolution effects. The speed of the effects has almost no influence on the visual quality.

Depending on the rules, profiles can be changed automatically. Thus for example a started application, the exceeding of temperatures, CPU load and similar values can define the current selected profile. The assignment of the profiles is also done graphically in the aquasuite software.

Backlight for monitors, freely configurable for any monitor size. The strips can be aligned exactly to the monitor in the software. The illumination runs later with extremely low CPU load in a service in the background. No application has to be started, AMBIENTpx is already available at Windows startup.

Sound-to-Light, "real" sound effects
The farbwerk nano features many parameter-adjustable sound-to-light effects that leave nothing to be desired.

Visualization of sensors and monitoring data (e.g. CPU load, system data)
Almost all effects can be controlled according to current measured values. This includes bar graphs, speeds of effects, brightness, colors etc. which can be controlled according to the respective value.

Intelligent current management
The farbwerk nano intelligently adapts the effects to the available current.

Compatible with many manufacturers
Aqua Computer offers adapters such as the Splitty4 as accessories. These adapters can be used to control NZXT and Corsair products with the farbwerk nano. More adapters for other manufacturers will follow.

Technical data:
- Addressable LED Controller for up to 90 LEDs
- Calculation of effects in the processor of the farbwerk nano
- Intelligent push-button: on/off, brightness and profile switching
- Light sensor offers the possibility of automatic on/off switching, profile change and use as sensor for effects
- SMOOTHpx for smooth transitions
- 16 software sensors, e.g. for CPU load, data rates, SSD level, etc. can be used
- USB 2.0 interface
- 20 adjustable adjustable color controls that can be assigned to multiple areas of the strips, max. 60 areas can be managed
- 4 profiles
- aquasuite software included

Scope of delivery:
- farbwerk nano
- RGBpx Strip with 15 LEDs, 10x320mm
- RGBpx connection cable 50cm
- internal or external USB cable
- instructions

Price 29.90 Euro, available end of May 2019


Junior Member

Wednesday, May 15th 2019, 2:47pm

These look awesome. I just finished a build with 2 x farbwerk360, 1 x Aquastream Ultimate, 1 x Flow Sensor, and used one of two free channels to start running ambientPX on my triple monitor setup. Since these nano's are USB powered, that would make it incredibly easy to devote one nano to each monitor, connect them to a powered usb hub, and run one standard usb cable to the computer.

Well done Aquacomputer!
I'll be ordering 3 from AquaTuning or PerformancePC's (USA) when these get released.