• 19.08.2019, 12:28
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Old Aquabus low to flowmeter

Wednesday, July 17th 2019, 8:29pm

I have older (Jan-2016 and Jan-2018 time of purchase) 6 LTs. I have been keeping up with Aquasuite through 2018 and I am curious as to when the old Aquabus low port was reconfigured. Was this done in firmware or a hardware change on newer Aquaeros? I have an upcoming need to run 2 flow meters on separate loops and I would like to know what my current Aquaeros are able to support. I am aware of the Shiny new LT, Quadro, PWM port 1 and high flow usb options but I am unsure if and where I need to invest based on the current Aquaeros I have.
For the curious, my intentions are to have 2 PWM ports each control a D5 and 1 PWM port for a fan array in each loop. As a result, PWM port 1 is not available for a second flow meter. I have ZERO interest in making a carnival out of my PC and have no need for more PWM ports so I find the Quadro to be overkill. I guess that leaves the high flow USB meter and maybe Aquabus, or that shiny new LT unless the old low ports on my LTs were changed when I wasn't looking.
I did try to source this info myself here on the forums, but all I could find was that the low was changed, but not specifically how or when.

Why 2 loops? For no other reason but that I can. :D
Thanks for any input!


Senior Member

Thursday, July 18th 2019, 1:39pm

The 'aquabus low' to 'flow' port change is done with a firmware update.
Installing the latest aquasuite will require a firmware update to the aquaero, which should then have the flow port in place of the aquabus low.
The aquasuite update may have a license cost associated with it, if all your existing hardware is outside their license range.

Thursday, July 18th 2019, 2:04pm

That's great, thanks!
You wouldn't happen to which firmware made the change? If I already have it, I can can avoid any potential Aquasuite upgrade issues. I don't mind upgrading, but I have been stung by a few of the bugs that have surfaced along the way.



Senior Member

Saturday, July 20th 2019, 1:56pm

Sorry, I do not KNOW... but I suspect aquasuite 2018 is updated to the low-to-flow change.
If you find the aquasuite 2018 thread that had the chang-log, you may find which version made the change.

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