• 29.05.2020, 22:16
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Pre-Purchase Questions

Monday, March 30th 2020, 10:48pm


I am attempting to put together a system to provide my total system management, and everywhere else I've asked hasn't resulted in any usable information.

I plan on building a dual loop water cooling system for my computer, and I'm still not quite sure of all the components I need.

I want to use an Aquacomputer pump in each loop, however I'm not sure which one to get to make sure I have all the features I want. Specifically, I am not sure about the difference between the Ultimate and Ultra pump versions.

I would like each loop to have two temperature sensors, one on the input side of the radiator, and one on the output side of the radiator. I would also like each loop to be equipped with a flow sensor.

I plan on using the Aquacomputer Flow Sensor 'High Flow' for this purpose.

- For loop temperature sensors, I'm not sure what the difference between the three different ones I've found are. Right now I'm looking at the Aquacomputer Calitemp digital temperature sensor.

- I want separate control for the loop radiator fans, so two sets, but also temperature control and fan control for the ambient internal temperature. I see two different temperature sensors that should work for measuring ambient temperature, but again I'm not sure about the difference.

- I believe I'll also need an expansion module for the Aquaero 6 Pro to handle all the different inputs and control systems, but I'm not sure which one to get exactly.

Thank you for your help. As soon as I get all of these questions answered, I'm going to be placing an order for everything so I can get this progressing.

Tuesday, March 31st 2020, 3:37pm

I will paint a picture of how I would design a dual loop system... but these are just MY preferences.

I lean toward the Aqua Computer D5 pump motor with PWM input and speed signal.
If you prefer the aquastream, I would recommend the standard version... all the bells & whistles from the upgrades are only useful if you use the pump as a stand-alone device.
The aquastream Ultimate has a small OLED display for controlling option, again only useful as a stand-alone device.

For the rest of the system:

With the aquasuite you will be able to have 8 ports with PWM control (2 for pumps, 6 for fans), which can be driven by a set point controller or any temperature source monitored.
The aquasuite is included for the first year and the license fee after that, if memory serves, is around 10 Euro per year... a worthy investment.

As to the aquaero, I would forego it entirely... you have more capability with the list above (i.e. RGBpx LED strips) at less cost.
You do loose the ability for Calitemps without the aquaero, but that is not a serious loss... the regular temp sensors are sufficient.

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Tuesday, March 31st 2020, 6:35pm

So if I understand it right, the higher feature rich pumps are basically used if they're the control of the system? That actually kind of makes sense. I was originally looking at the controller as more of a display than a brains of the operation in a way for some reason. I think I'm starting to burn myself out doing all the research and over complicating everything. One thing I did just get a response back from Aquacomputer from, was that the Ultimate version has sata power instead of molex, and a display, and I definitely wouldn't need a display since the pump is going to be hidden away in the back compartment of the case. I really do like the idea of sata over molex though, but if it works it works. The reason I went with the aquastream pumps was because of all the feedback and research I found for how quiet of operation it was over other D5 and DCC pumps.

A reason I did want to have control of the loop with the loop itself is the ability to run independently of computer operation and software. My plan is to use the software as a one time setup and run operation, since that would make things easier than programming through the controller. I normally daily Linux for the OS, and while it isn't difficult for me to get most Windows software operational, there are a few that don't work perfectly well and I'd like to keep that uncertainty down, especially if it turns out that I have to boot into Windows to get everything setup, so then I'd need the loop to stay operational after switching back to Linux. Aquacomputer is too small of a company to support, what they consider, such a small user base. (Honestly I don't blame them. Daily Linux users are small enough as it is, much less going for water cooling with a setup like this.) I know that the Aquaero will manage things like this since it saves everything internally, however from what I'm reading the Quadro requires the software to operate everything that's programmed. I'm also not too interested or needing the RGB features.


Junior Member

Wednesday, April 1st 2020, 2:47pm

The Quadro will work in 'standalone' mode, but you will need to run the Windows software at least once to set it up. As long as you're using the attached temperature sensors, you can run Aquasuite, set up all your fan curves etc. save them to the Quadro, and then it will work with no further need for Windows.
There's a few advantages of running Aquasuite in Windows though, firstly you can use data from the computer's sensors (eg motherboard temperatures), and obviously you can view and tweak things on the fly. It can also create 'Virtual Software Sensors' (eg radiator out temp minus inlet temp), which you could only use for controlling your fans if the software was running.

Wednesday, April 1st 2020, 7:12pm

So if they effectively do the same things, what exactly is the difference between the Quadro and Aquearo? I mean other than visually. But that is good to know that the quadro will work standalone and operate independently of the PC. I must have missed that when I was dumping as much information into my head about everything.

Wednesday, April 1st 2020, 11:33pm

I believe there are four advantages with an aquaero over a quadro or octo:
  1. 5-1/4 bay display (if desired, else the LT version)
  2. calitemp - only the aquaero can do calitemp
  3. hard virtual sensor - only the aquaero has hard virtual sensors (4).
  4. option to voltage control fans - quadro/octo only have PWM
The quadro/octo can use the aquasuite virtual sensor (more powerful), but the aquacomputer services must be running in the background.
The aquaero does not require the computer services to be running to implement a virtual sensor (i.e delta-t between coolant and room ambient).

The four calitemps you were thinking of using would require an aquaero with aquabus X4 for aquaero
There is a mounting issue with the aquabus X4 if you plan to use 4 aquabus X4 ports on a 5-1/4 bay mounted aquaero (see this thread). you would need to mount the aquabus X4 off the aquaero with a short cable, or the aquaero LT version would be OK.

Bottom line, for your situation, with Linux, you may be best served with an aquaero.

Thursday, April 2nd 2020, 2:16am

Yeah, point #1 is the big one that I'm considering and sticking with the aquaero on top of the Linux situation.