• 25.10.2021, 09:52
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Minimum wattage for aquaero when using only PWM fans?

Thursday, September 16th 2021, 9:15pm

That is, all fans and pumps powered by something else, with pwm signal taken from the controller. Trying to work out if I can power the controller by PoE, which for my switch requires < 25W or so. Step down to 12V and then again to 5V for the 0.5A of 5V needed.

The manual says 120W at 12V, which would be while powering fans.

Monday, September 20th 2021, 9:59am

Hi....the double ddc top actually houses two siphons, with independent cabling. What you do is join the force connector for both to an ordinary 4-pin enormous molex connector from your psu.

Then, at that point you get a 4-pin splitter link so you can join the two siphons to one (of the four) fan headers on the aquaero 6. What's more, in the aquaero programming, select pwm control for that fan header. Ensure just one siphon convey the speed message to the aquaero however, or you will get out of place speed readings. Yet, most, if not all, splitter links just have the speed signal joined to one of the male connectors.

You could likewise then again utilize one fan header for each siphon, that would in any case leave you with two headers for fans and so on

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