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farbwerk USB, aquabus version

Saturday, August 28th 2021, 3:01pm

The Aquaero 6 manual says you can have a maximum of 2 farbwerk hubs connect on the aquabus.

Each farbwerk hub has 4 RGB channels. Does this mean I will have 2 x 4 = 8 channels of RGB in aquasuite?


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Tuesday, September 14th 2021, 12:13am


Tuesday, September 14th 2021, 5:38am

You do not want to, or cannot, run the aquasuite?


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Tuesday, September 14th 2021, 11:51am

I have some parts in boxes and still waiting on other parts to arrive before I put all this aquacomputer stuff into my 011D XL case.

I thought you have to connect the ac modules and the aquaero before the software will let you open the associated menus to the modules. Is this correct?

I have the manuals and read most of them but must have overlooked this part. i couldnt find anything in the farbwerks manual that spoke about functionality with the maximum of 2 farbwerks modules connected on the aquabus. If I can get 8 drgb channels that would be pretty awesome!

Tuesday, September 14th 2021, 1:13pm

If you are able to run aquasuite, you do not need to employ the aquabus.
The aquabus has benefits, but also introduces limitations.
The aquabus is most useful for systems that cannot run aquasuite (e.g. Linux OS)

All aquacomputer modules with USB are able to communicate via the aquasuite.

Bottom line, if you run aquasuite (sans aquabus), you can get the full effect of every installed Farbwerl 360.

Edit: each aquacomputer module with USB will have it's own tab in the aquasuite. (tabs.jpg)

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Monday, September 20th 2021, 3:04pm

Awesome thanks mate, I might try it both ways and see which one works best.

Fwiw, I like the aquabus idea because unfortunately I didnt know anything about gigabytes dreaded Fusion rgb software before I bought an Aorus mb. I would think there is a high probability that gigabyte rgb gremlins will get into aquasuite over usb connected modules as well. While I really dont know much about bus comms I would think aquabus would isolate the devices from any problems that fusions tends to create even with its own certified compatible products. Gigabyte are a disgraceful company to deal with in Australia. While their products are ok their customer support is non-existent. And all I was asking for was some mounting hole dimensions and thread sizes. Just a pathetic company who cant even work out how to turn an led on and off.