• 29.09.2022, 07:31
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Difference Between aquaero 6 XT silver/red (#53262) and aquaero 6 XT (#53146)?

Friday, August 12th 2022, 10:07pm

I am looking at Aquaero 6 XT variants. I see the difference in the descriptions - The Aquaero 6 XT #53262 is Silver & Red. The Aquaero 6XT #53146 does not say Silver/Red. When I click on the product images to get the larger images, they look almost the same to me, but I don't see what the "Red" refers to. There are 3 illuminated touch buttons on the right side which replace the 3 mechanical buttons on the Aquaero 6 Pro. In the picture of the #53262, it looks like the button lights are on. In the picture for the #53146 it looks like they are off. Are these LED illuminated buttons the "Red" part of "Silver/Red"? I don't see anything else that is red. The other difference is the text on the faceplate. On the #53262 (Silver/Red) its darker with higher contrast. The front panel looks almost white. On the #53146 the text is light gray and kind of hard to see. The faceplate looks silver. Is this finish of the faceplates and the text color different?

If I scroll through the available pictures, the last ones show there is a version of both models with blue LEDs instead of Red LEDs. #53262 (Silver/Red) with Red LEDs becomes #53263 with Blue LEDs, #53146 with Red LEDs becomes #53206 with Blue LEDs. I did not see these blue LED versions mentioned anywhere else and neither part number comes up in a search of the online store site. I also discovered that advancing through the pictures only works on the German version of the web pages. If I translate to English, I can only see the first picture and clicking on the advance arrow does nothing. I tried this in Chrome and Brave browsers. Had I not happened to try advancing through the 4 images on the German site, I would never have known these Blue LED versions exist.

To summarize, what is the difference between #53262 (Siler/Red) and #53146, and are #53263 (Silver/Red) with Blue LEDs and #53206 with Blue LEDs still available? I know this is all nit-picky, but these devices are expensive, and they offer variants for a reason, so I want to make sure I understand what the differences actually are.

Aquaero 6 XT silver&red 53262.jpg
Aquaero 6XT 53146.jpg
Aquaero 6XT siler&red Blue LEDs 53263.jpg
Aquaero 6XT Blue LEDs 53206.jpg