• 28.01.2023, 07:08
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Calitemp sensor all over the place in last few days

Thursday, November 10th 2022, 4:57am

The calitemp sensor has functioned very well, up until the last few days.
Now I find it varying by as much as 2 C. When I compensate calibration per my IR gun, it does not stay calibrated. It seems to keep drifting higher in temperature than actually exists in the water loop.

Since I run my pumps on delta T, I first started noticing the pump flow higher than expected, and saw the calitemp sensor seemed to be reading high. Confirmation with IR gun concluded as much, whereas previously the sensor and my IR gun agreed pretty closely.
Is there a fix for this, or is the sensor broken?


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Sunday, November 27th 2022, 2:17pm


The sensor seems to have settled down with out sudden variations in temp readings up and down. Still disturbing to think at any time it might go "off the rails" again.
I bought this sensor for the advertised accuracy... and this pc runs 24/7.

The loop is cleaned at minimum once a year and contains a purchased coolant instead of plain distilled water.

My loop has one 480mm and one 240mm radiators with fans in push/pull and only a small 1050TI gpu (of course no water block on the tiny thing) so I would not expect loop temps to vary up and down much if any at all from just the cpu water block.

Guess we'll see how it goes, hopefully no more sudden swings in temperature from the calitemp sensor.