• 05.02.2023, 12:59
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Friday, December 2nd 2022, 9:46pm

The video has been hidden.
I believe the green wire going from Farbwerk 360 should be used (as per picture in 2nd post), not the white. It worked no problem when a stripe with 20 diodes was connected as you could se it on the video however strange things started to happen when a stripe with 25 diodes or daisy chaining 3 stripes with total of 65 diodes (20+25+20) has been connected. Diodes started sometimes to blink, dim, especially when 1st stripe set to static red but not green or blue, weird effects not representing what has been set in Aquasuite, color and effect change by simply adjusting the brightness of stripes which occured at random brightness levels, some diodes doesn't lit at all.

I'm a bit disappointed by the inverted wire color assembled in connectors slots of the extension cable, product number 53287. It won't be a problem when simply used as a extension cable in the RGBpx eco system but when doing a custom cable of it and not realize that the 5v turned to be ground and green turned to be white and vice versa, that's a problem.

I've had this extension cable in my garage when cutting it in the middle and soldering the 3 pin connectors to it. Solder job has been done properly, the green wire has been soldered however when connecting at home today, I realized that when connected the soldered custom 50 cm extension cable to the 50 cm cable sitting in Farbwerk 360, the green wire became white because of the inverted wire colors. Need to resold things tommorow or Sunday.

50 cm cable to the left, 50 cm extension cable product number 53287 to the right.


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Tuesday, December 6th 2022, 8:15pm

Awesome. Now need to tape it to the monitor and enjoy

PS. Changed wires position in the extension cable connector to match colors of the 50 cm cable.

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