• 01.02.2023, 12:53
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Quadro not connected after PC wake

Tuesday, January 24th 2023, 7:02pm

Hello team,
I am new to custom loop and to aquacomputer products. I have a Quadro and via aquasuite I monitor temps and Fans.
When I put my Windows11 desktop to Sleep mode and then wake it up the the aquasuite show quadro as disconnected.
I have tried to restart windows Service and Aquasuite but no success. Only restart of the Desktop fixes the issue
Is there any way to make it work because I am using a lot the Sleep mode

Monday, January 30th 2023, 11:26am

Does anyone from aquacomputer can help with this?
I put my PC to Sleep most times in the week, but know I am not able to do it due to above issue.


Senior Member

Monday, January 30th 2023, 11:56am

You should contact support@aquacomputer.de directly.

This forum is not constantly watched by AC support employees.
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Monday, January 30th 2023, 10:53pm

I have seen several posts about AQS and the AQS service not resuming properly after a computer running Windows 11 goes to sleep or hibernates. I personally have not experienced this problem because I am not running Windows 11 and I don't let my computer go to sleep or hibernate. Just wanted to say that you are not the first person who has reported this. I don't recall if the other posts were in the English forum or the German forum but I think they were posted after AQS was updated to version X.66.

Yesterday, 7:34am

Maybe an update to the lastest Insider Version can help.

This is usually not an aquasuite problem.
This may be a driver problem or the order in which Windows loads the drivers.