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Pump speed based on virtual sensor

Thursday, February 29th 2024, 3:46pm

Hi everyone,
I am using aquasuit X.78 with an octo and I am wondering how to have my pump speed based on CPU + GPU temp.
I have created a virtual sensor summing these two values but when I go to fan settings, controler source can only use on of the 4 physical sensors.
Any help ?
Thanks :thumbsup:


Senior Member

Thursday, February 29th 2024, 6:57pm

you need to go to the Octo Sensors page.
Select any of the software sensors available, and click data source.
On the list, in the "Data from Aquacomputer Service", you have your virtual sensors.
Once the Octo software sensor is attributed to the virtual sensor of your choice, you can use it for fan control

Friday, March 1st 2024, 1:09pm

Hi, thanks for your answer.
This is what I did but unfortunately I have only physical sensors when I go in fans => controler source => select data source


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Friday, March 1st 2024, 6:26pm

you have to add first your virtual sensor there, in a software sensor slot (clicking data source):

Once you added it, it will appear in fans => controler source => select data source

is that what you did ?


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Friday, March 1st 2024, 6:28pm

You have to do it as Remayz wrote and import the virt. sensor into the Octo first.
Octo -> Sensors Page -> one of the free soft. Sensors and use your virt. Sensor as data source.
You can then use this imported value as a data source for the control in the Octo.

Friday, March 1st 2024, 7:00pm

Am I crazy ??? 8|

I have the sensor declared in soft sensors of the octo and the value is correctly calculated/displayed.

But when I go in the fan speed setup I have only physical sensors :


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Friday, March 1st 2024, 7:58pm

You must add the unit "°C" for your virtual software sensor (CPU + GPU temp.) in the Playground, otherwise it will not work.
Only Temperatures will work in the Octo :-)

In this example, I have to convert a value that I enter via "Inputs" in "%" 1:1 into a temperature in order to control the speed of my D5 Next

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Friday, March 1st 2024, 8:41pm

Well done PvF !
It was that.
Thanks everyone for your help. :)