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Is there a way to remove quality control markings or rotate the pump casing?

Wednesday, March 27th 2024, 7:46pm

My D5 Next with Ultitube arrived with a prominent quality control stamp on the front of the pump. Can this be removed, or can the casing around the pump be rotated to hide it? I don't want to rotate the whole pump because that would rotate the control unit, just the casing. So far I've been unsuccessful.

JonnyK has attached the following file:

Mr. Krabs

Senior Member

Wednesday, March 27th 2024, 8:04pm

Try isopropanol. Maybe it works. Never use Aceton or other aggressive chemicals. In some cases a normal rubber works fine.


Junior Member

Wednesday, March 27th 2024, 8:09pm

Hi JonnyK

Did you buy the pump new or second-hand?

If the pump is new, I would write to Aquacomputer. They will certainly be able to help you.

Wednesday, March 27th 2024, 8:34pm

This is brand new right out of the box, Ultitube Pro with D5 Next. I splurged.


Senior Member

Thursday, March 28th 2024, 3:28pm

Vinyl Wrap?


Junior Member

Monday, April 1st 2024, 12:31pm

Hey hi, you may need to contact the manufacturer for specific instructions on removing the quality control stamp or rotating the casing around the pump without affecting the control unit.

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