• 20.06.2024, 19:56
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Issue with Aqua Computer Octo and Splitty9

Friday, May 31st 2024, 5:53pm

I am at my wits ends so I'm asking here. I've had an AquaComputer Octo providing a PWM signal to a Splitty9 Active for the last year. Last week the fans stopped spinning.I bought another Splitty9 and hooked it up to the Octo with a different header, that worked for a bit I tried then that header broke. I then bought another Octo to see if that would work with the new Splitty but there is just no signal getting through. I've tried different power sources, Splitty9s, Octos and fans, I've also tried updating the software and the firmware. I have no idea what is causing this. The headers 4-5 on my original Octo also now do not provide a PWM signal to anything, be it a fan or a pump. Any ideas at all would be appreciated.