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New to AquaComputer equipment, and having several problems.

Friday, November 25th 2011, 11:02pm

Hello, My new AquaComputer gear showed up today. Ordered through a reseller (FrozenCPU).

I got the Aquaaero 5 XT, as well as 3 PowerConnect II and the plate for them. As well as a flow meter.

I hooked the aquaaero up, and on bootup it immediately shows Fan 3 overcurrent... But nothing is hooked up yet, just standalone it does this. Fan 1,2,4 all work, but fan 3 does not work at all when I hook a fan up.

Also I hooked up the powerconnect modules, and on their own they work fine, but when I hook it up to aquabus, the aquaero only detects one of the 3 units. (if I hook each one up individually, it detects units 1, and 3, but not 2 at all, if I daisy chain them it sees only unit 1 and no others.)

All 3 of them work fine on their own (I have one driving 8 fans, the other 2 each drive pumps).

Also the touch display randomly registers touches when not in use (even with sensitivity all the way down on all buttons so they don't work for normal touches and I'm just using the remote).

Also when I use aquasuite to try and update the firmware, it looks like it's starting, but it does nothing. (and every time I go into the aquaero system page in aquasuite it reboots the aquaero, not sure if that's normal.)

Anyway, wondering if anyone can shed some light on any of this? I'm a bit concerned as it's a very expensive rig that this system is running (quad ATI 6990 crossfire setup). So I'd rather not have the liquid cooling system flake out on me and kill my expensive GPUs.



Junior Member

Saturday, November 26th 2011, 4:32am

i've been having a similar issue with 'overcurrent' on 'fan 3' channel for a while now.
whether i hook up 1 fan to the 'fan 3' channel or 2 fans via a splitter cable, i get a 'overcurrent protection' warning during start-up.

looking at the screen for 'fan 3', it displays something silly like 2000 mA's (whether a fan is connected or not). the other fan channels (1,2 & 4) usually display 100-200 mA's (2 fans connected to each via splitter cable).

regarding the touch screen issue, plenty of people have been having the same problem (including myself).
Asus Crosshair V - Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 Screen Corruption

you may need to wait for shoggy to reply to your post (or pm him) to help you out.

made a mistake regarding the mA's on 'fan 3' channel. only displays 2000 mA when fan(s) connected. when nothing is connected to 'fan 3', mA reads -50 (which i assume is normal when nothing is hooked up).
in any case, still get 'overcurrent' message when aquaero 5 is powered up with fan(s) connected to 'fan 3'.

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Sven - Admin

Wednesday, November 30th 2011, 12:55pm

To use more than one poweradjust with the aquaero you will have to change their aquabus IDs. To do this, connect them via USB and use the older aquasuite 4.72. Make sure that they use the latest firmware (do an update if necessary) and change the ID between 50 and 55 so that every poweradjust controller uses an unique ID in your setup.

For the problem with the firmware update of the aquaero you can try to perform a full reset of the device. This normally helps. Follow these steps:

1.) Turn off the PC and remove the standby power if you are using it.

2.) Remove all sensors from the aquaero.

3.) Place four jumpers on the temperature sensor connectors 5 to 8.

4.) Power on the system and after a few seconds you should see a recovery mode screen in the aquaero display.

6.) Turn the PC off and remove the jumpers from the aquaero.

7.) Start the PC and use the latest aquasuite 2012 software to flash the firmware onto the aquaero. It should perform a restart afterwards so you should see the regular screens now.

8.) Turn off the PC, connect all sensors etc. again and start the PC.

For the screen: if your aquaero does NOT look like this one, then you own an older variant. Just write an e-mail to us to get a new cover for exchange. It should solve the problems with the hypersensitive keys.

kind regards


Junior Member

Sunday, December 4th 2011, 3:39am

hi shoggy

not meaning to highjack the OP's question(s) but does resetting the Aquaero 5 procedure resolve the 'overcurrent' protection error on the Fan3 fan amp?


Sven - Admin

Tuesday, December 6th 2011, 2:44pm

Very unlikely. You can give it a try but I think it will not help. Sounds more like a hardware problem.