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Watercooling Aquaduct/ Titan/ 90 Deg MB Series or Parallel?

Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013, 05:18

Hey All,

So I have done due diligent research on my own and cannot find the answer after many many hours of searching. If I could find the answer on my own, I pretty much would have by now. So here goes.

I am watercooling three titan hydro coppers and a 4960x using the aqua computer Cuplex Kryos HF block.

The watercooling system to be used will be external. It will be the Aquacomputer 720 Mark V.
In addition to this water cooler, I will be using a Aquacomputer High Flow pump with high flow tubing.

1. The mother board is rotated 90 degrees in the case. Will that affect the way I should water cool the titans? I haven't seen anything about series or parallel specifically dealing with a 90 deg MB mount. Please see pictures at bottom.

2. I can install the additional HF pump next to the external cooler, or in the case. Which would be preferred? I am concerned about the HF pump overdriving the pressure too much since it will be about 1M away from the cooler itself and pressure sensor is inside of the external unit. If necessary I could add a pressure sensor inside the unit if it was necessary.

3. Would it be an issue if I were to come out of the top with the return? Basically, mirror the outtake tube from the intake tube or would that backpressure the GPUs? It would make the connects easier.

-Here are the possible scenarios laid out for reference. Much sincere thanks for any suggestions or feedback you could give on this matter.

Option 1

Option 2



Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013, 14:19

Rotating the motherboard means nothing, just make sure you use the proper ports on the cpu block for in and out.
Yes you can exit out from the gpu block farthest away from the cpu if that is what you are asking. Just make sure the water circulates through each block.
Putting a (additional?) pump before the cpu block is fine.

I can't see the pics well enough to tell you much else.

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