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Aquaero 6 xt aquabus

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017, 19:26

I write for info to aquabus 6xt
My component
aquaero 6xt
2 x D5 with aquabus
2 x aqualis base for d5 with fill level sensor
1 x flow control for aquaero
1 x real time clock fo aquaero
1 x kuplex kryos next vario with visio pvd.925
for future 1080ti wb in sli with visio

now my problem is the connection of aquabus, aquaero 6xt support max 4 mps based input device
i have minimum 6 device how can i do connect?
i can connect 2 d5 pump via poweradjust 3 ultra with aquabus and fill level, visio cpu and visio gpu to aquabus? it's works correctly?
the flow sensor i can connect to aquabus to flow connector of aquaero?

Thanks in advance
Best regards tk23

Samstag, 28. Januar 2017, 06:14

From your list I see 5 MPS devices, two D5 pumps with aquabus, two aqualis base for D5 with fill level sensor and one flow sensor.
The real time clock has it's own aquabus address (111), and does not take away from the four MPS addresses available (12, 13, 14, 15).

One possible scenario to connect your 5 MPS devices could be:
  • connect both D5 pumps to the motherboard using the USB port
    in the aquasuite D5 pump system tab > aquabus configuration panel for both pumps, set the pump to Priority: USB
    in the aquasuite D5 pump configuration tab set the pump power for both pumps to get your desired flow level
    pumps are normally set and forget, so you should not need the aquaero to control them
    if you want to display the pump RPM and/or power level in an overview page, you should be able to pick that up using HWiNFO and Windows Services
  • then connect the two level sensors and the flow sensor to the MPS High port by daisy chaining two aquabus Y-connector 4 pins
    set the addresses as needed, and set the Priority to aquabus for all three devices