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General information for Windows 10 Creators Update and possible aquasuite crash

Freitag, 7. April 2017, 12:48

Some of you will run into this problem for sure and we already did the dirty work ;) If your aquasuite can not be started or even installed after the Windows 10 Creators Update, it is very likely because you use Riva Tuner or MSI Afterburner which includes Riva Tuner. As long as these tools do not run there is no problem. But as soon as you start them, the aquasuite will crash or not work anymore. Riva Tuner is a x32 application while aquasuite works as x64 and Windows itself already prevents x32 applications to mess around with x64 stuff. It seems that with the Creators update something in this direction has been changed, extended or whatever and is causing the crash.

We were able to track down the problem to its root with a test setup that uses Windows 10 64 Bit with Creators Update (Build 15063) and RivaTuner Statistic Server 6.6.0 or the current 6.7.0 Beta 1 with the profile set to Low/Medium/High. With this combination every 64 Bit .NET WPF application crashes. This happens when a .NET application as been compiled with the flag "prefer 32 bit" set to disabled. The default value for this flag is enabled so you will not see problem with most other .NET applications. Using 32 bit or no GPU acceleration is no solution because data-intense stuff like the charts or logging would see a clear performance drop.

We have done a small hello world demo app to verify this problem with different compiler settings:

WPF 64 Bit application (Default Renderer, uses GPU acceleration) = Crash
WPF 64 Bit application (Software Renderer, no GPU acceleration) = works
WPF 32 Bit application = works (since Riva Tuner is also x32)
Windows Forms 64 Bit application (no GPU acceleration) = works
Windows Forms 32 Bit application (no GPU acceleration) = works

For those who want to give it a try. We provide a ZIP archive with the source code of the demo app and the compiled EXE files for download in our forum. (RivatunerBug.zip)
Please make sure to set the detection level in Riva Tuner to high. The demo app does not render much stuff so lower settings will not trigger the demo app.

In the end the the problem is how Riva Tuner as x32 application tries to hook into the x64 aquasuite. We can not tell if it is Riva Tuner that does something wrong here or if it is Microsoft that must have changed something with the .NET Direct-X interface lately. What we know for sure: we can not fix it; it must be done by Riva Tuner oder Microsoft.

The current workaround is to put the aquasuite to the exception list of Riva Tuner so it will not trigger the aquasuite anymore.

Those who have the problem that the Aqua Computer service does not start automatically anymore: just reinstall the aquasuite (keep old data) so that the service will be reinstalled too and the problem is gone.