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EDITED: connecting an aura compatible(strip) header to RGB header on 6XT

Samstag, 15. Juli 2017, 02:00

Hi all

i've not had many post so please excuse the way i have asked :)

I am wondering what the RGB pinouts are on the 6xt?

i have the heatsink attached and it seems to suggest blank>red>green>blue (from left to right) is this correct?

and what is the blank pin for? 5v or 12v or negative?

I already have it hooked up to a light strip and it mostly works just need some clarification :sleeping:

see attachments:
top left pic i am not using and have put in drawer,
top right is some rasp pi dev cables, which i also used to to trigger the aquabus on my mps as some cheap skates(not looking at anyone) didn't provide a 4 pin only a useless 3 pin cable i had kicking around from my other purchases from Aqua
middle 2 pics, is the pins on the strip, i have the top pin connected to a 12v(attached to the 6xt molex)
bottom 2 pics, is the full strips that i am connecting to

i am able to get green to cycle, blue is just about lighting the leds, red takes over the whole thing(really really bright) and blue and green don't show, so i disconnected the red

that the best description of what i have managed, so any help would be greatly accepted?

Ok lets start again with what should go where, Looking at the RGB header on the back of the 6XT from right to left you have the following pins out

3) GND (connect to the GND on molex)

on the Aura compatible RGB header you have from top to bottom

1) 12v

you want to connect pin 1(top pin) on Aura header to your 12v molex that powers the 6XT

and pins 1,2 and 4 (connect GND(3) to the molex GND) connected to the from the 6XT to pins 2,3 and 4 on the Aura header

and it is that simple to get a Aura strip connected, rather than 1x small asswd led.


Excuse the camera work, it's late and i seems to have lost blue, will investigate tomoz :)

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