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New Aquaero + Farbwerk Purchase - license issue

Samstag, 4. November 2017, 23:27

So I just purchased Aquaero 6 Pro + Farbwerk 2. I was able to activate the Aquaero just fine. However, for the Farbwerk, I get an error that license is only up to Aquasuite 2016. Anyone seen this issue before? I thought new products come with two year license. I contact Aqua Computer. Waiting for them to respond back.

The issue I am trying to solve is that I am trying to control LED strips connected to the Farbwerk via the Aquaero. I plugged the Farbwerk into a USB header, set the LEDs to "External Controller source (aquabus, Bluetooth, USB)". Turned everything off, disconnected Farbwerk from the motherboard, connected the Aquaero instead, connected the Aquabus cable from the Farbwerk high to the Aquaero, and turned everything on. The Aquasuite indicates that the Farbwerk is connected and it gives me the options to configure the Farbwerk LEDs but when I configure the colors, the LED strips do not change color. I confirmed that LED are functional and they work fine when I configure them when the Farbwerk is connected to the motherboard. Anyone have any ideas?

I am thinking this is linked to my license issue. Can someone confirm? As setup, I am running Aquasuite 2017, the Aquaero 6 Pro running firmware 2010, and Farbwerk 2 running firmware 1003. Anyone can tell me if these are all compatible?

Thanks in ahead! :)

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Junior Member

Freitag, 1. Dezember 2017, 20:14

See this post I made about my issue: https://forum.aquacomputer.de/weitere-fo…ht=#post1428908

I had to:

1. uninstall the Current Aquasuite,
2. install an old version of Aquasuite (early 2016).
3. upgrade the fabwerks firmware.
4. Reinstall the Current Aquasuite

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