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NEW: QUADRO and RGBpx Splitty4

Freitag, 29. Juni 2018, 11:28


QUADRO is the next generation of an autonomously working smart control for fans and LEDs.
The device combines a 4-channel PWM fan controller including monitoring functions with a RGBpx LED controller in a compact housing. QUADRO can be used universally in any PC, no matter if water or air cooling is used.

In combination with the aquasuite software, QUADRO becomes a powerful monitoring instrument.
In the aquasuite software all sensor data can be visualized individually. The data can be displayed on a ready-made overview page and it is also possible to create your own views. All device settings as well as future updates can be processed in a user-friendly way with the aquasuite. Any number of devices can be used simultaneously - each with its own settings and evaluations.

Up to 25 watts can be connected to each of the four fan channels, which corresponds to a total output of generous 100 watts. An overload protection for all channels prevents the QUADRO's fan electronics from being damaged in the event of operating mistakes.

Each channel can be switched off completely if required. This is a special feature since the 12 volt voltage is normally permanently applied to PWM outputs. An optionally adjustable start boost allows the fans to start in a reliable manner. The start boost is executed until a speed signal is detected at the corresponding output.

Four analogue temperature sensors and a flow sensor can be connected to QUADRO. Eight additional sensor values can be transferred from the computer to the QUADRO in the form of software sensors. For example, it is possible to control outputs directly according to the CPU or GPU temperature or to visualize the load by using LED strips.

Each fan output can be configured individually. In addition to manual settings of the output power, automatic control is also possible. A setpoint controller with temperature setting and a curve controller are available. For the setpoint controller the desired temperature is being is set and the fan is controlled automatically as required. Experienced users can also optionally adjust the PID controller settings. The curve controller defines a power curve with temperature and power values via 16 freely adjustable points.

The QUADRO is the first device equipped with the new RGBpx technology.
RGBpx offers the possibility to individually control every single LED of compatible LED strips or fans to one of 16.8 million colors.

In addition to smooth animations and breathtaking effects, this also makes it possible to adapt the lighting to your individual wishes. Thus the workplace can truly shine in the right light.

QUADRO has an RGBpx connector on which up to 64 LEDs (up to four Aqua Computer RGBpx strips) can be operated. Effects can be applied to the LED strips with four independent controller settings.

Each of the four LED controllers of QUADRO can be assigned to one of the 23 possible effects. All effects offer additional settings. In addition to adjustments for the coloring, stepless controls also allow to influence the speed or intensity in a wide range.
Due to the high update rate, even slow transitions are displayed smoothly and without flickering.

Many effects can also be actively influenced by a data source. Effects can be coupled to any sensor value such as temperature or load.

Since the effects can be placed anywhere on the LED strips, most of them can also be combined: For example, LEDs 1 to 16 may have a rotating color change while LEDs 6 to 11 have a temperature-dependent color change from blue to red. This provides a temperature indicator which is flanked by a rotating color change on the left and right side.

The effects are processed in a similar way to a video editing program. The uppermost controller is always visible and covers the effects of the controller below it within the set range.

Aqua Computer will introduce a range of accessories for the RGBpx series in the next few weeks. These include strips, AMBIENTpx sets and other lighting products.

AMBIENTpx immerses the environment in a dynamic lighting mood. The current image content of the monitor is analyzed in the background in real time and the color mood is displayed on the LEDs. This creates an intense experience with movies or games because the image will look much bigger than it actually is.

The analysis of the image content can be individually adapted. Thus, the area to be analyzed can be set very narrow but also very wide. The settings also support multi-monitor setups and automatically adapt to the image format of movies.

QUADRO as aquabus expansion
In addition to being used as an autonomous USB fan controller, QUADRO can also be used as an aquabus extension for an aquaero 5/6. In this case the four QUADRO fan outputs as well as the four temperature sensor ports and the flow sensor port are available to the control and monitoring features of the aquaero. A maximum of two QUADRO units can be connected to an aquaero.

RGBpx Splitty4

RGBpx Splitty4 is the perfect addition to QUADRO and offers two essential functions:
  • A 4-way splitter for the power supply of up to four fans from only one fan connection (can be used for all fan controls such as aquaero)
  • Connection adapter for connecting the lighting systems of various fan manufacturers to the RGBpx system
Both functions are independent of each other. RGBpx Splitty4 can also be used just as a fan splitter or as a pure lighting adapter.

Fan splitter
In the function as a fan splitter, fans with 3-pin and 4-pin connectors can be used, provided that the connected fan output supports these types (voltage-controlled/PWM signal). The speed signal of a connected fan (plug labeled with "rpm") is fed back to the fan output.

RGBpx adapter
RGBpx Splitty4 can be used to connect the following lighting systems to the RGBpx system:

Manufacturer Corsair (four connectors for a maximum of four fans):
  • LL120 RGB, LL140 RGB (16 LEDs per fan, "LED hub" is not required)
  • HD120 RGB, HD140 RGB (12 LEDs per fan, "LED hub" is not required)
  • ML120 PRO RGB-LED, ML140 PRO RGB-LED (4 LEDs per fan, "LED hub" is not required)
Manufacturer NZXT (one connector, additional fans can be connected to the previous one, maximum eight fans):
  • Aer RGB120, Aer RGB140 (8 LEDs per fan)

Note: A mixed connection of lighting systems from different manufacturers is not possible!

Die Platine kann z. B. sehr einfach an zwei nebeneinanderliegenden Lüftern oder einem Radiator befestigt werden und ermöglicht so eine optisch sehr ansprechende Kabelverlegung ohne den üblichen "Kabelsalat". Damit ist sie für viele Radiatoren die beste Möglichkeit zur sauberen Verkabelung der Lüfter.

The board can be easily attached to two adjacent fans or a radiator, and thus enables a visually very attractive wiring without the usual cable clutter. This makes it the best way for many radiators to cleanly wire the fans.

Price and availability
QUADRO and the optional RGBpx Splitty4 board will be available shortly and can be ordered in the Aqua Computer Webshop. QUADRO costs 39.90 Euro and RGBpx Splitty4 is offered for 8.90 Euro (prices include VAT).


Junior Member

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2018, 00:15

This looks amazing. Would this be worth considering if I already have a Farbwerk? ?(

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2018, 11:27

Maybe... QUADRO can use addressable LEDs so you will get much more possibilities to control the LEDs. If you like the effects the upgrade might be useful. If you just want some background illumination the farbwerk will still do its job.


Junior Member

Freitag, 6. Juli 2018, 04:55

I'm looking at the RGB Splitty 3, would this permit me to use my farbwerk and still have some addressable RGB lights?
Or is that for a different purpose?
Thank you Shoggy.

Freitag, 6. Juli 2018, 13:02

No, Splitty3 can only work for RGB LEDs and has nothing to do with addressable LEDs. It is just a splitter that can be used for "classic" RGB LED ports like the farbwerk or some mainboards.

Fan control

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2018, 14:11

Forgive the naïve questions - I'm new to aquacomputer products trying to figure out which I need.
Can this control fan speed based on a virtual / calculated temperature (delta) from the sensor inputs like the aquaero can, or does it just pass on a PWM signal?
Can I use it to distinguish between groups of temp inputs and fan outputs as belonging to separate cooling loops?
Just wondering if I can use this as a single product solution for my fans & lighting, or if I need an aquaero as well :)

Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 2 mal editiert, zuletzt von »Scribbinge« (10. Juli 2018, 14:25)

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2018, 14:52

QUADRO does not offer virtual temperature sensors. You can only work with the values coming directly from the (physical) sensors or from software sensors.

I am not sure about your second question. Of course you can freely map any temperature sensor to any fan output. So managing two loops with different temperatures or fans is no problem.

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