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Aquaero 6 and MPS400 USB Data Override

Freitag, 13. Juli 2018, 15:12

I am trying to get the "power" calculation section working under my Aquaero 6, where it uses flow rate and temperature difference of water to calculate power, but the panel only takes flow readings from devices plugged into flow1 or flow2. I want to use the reading provided by my MPS400 here. I saw a section on USB data override and thought it may be what I would need to use, but do not know how to use that feature. Can anyone provide assistance?

It appears the data will be sent via the Aquabus-Fast connector and show as a flow sensor, according to this post I found.


My question now is whether I have to have a 4 pin Aquabus cable if I am also using the USB connection to the MPS400 at the same time (I only have three pin Aquabus cable) or if the 4 pin just supplies power when not using USB? That post suggests this is possible, but wanted to confirm.

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