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Help with connections!

Saturday, November 2nd 2019, 5:32pm

Need a little bit of help as trying to setup a new build with the following:
D5 next pump
6x Corsair LL fans
1x GPU, 1x CPU block corsair
Aquaero 6XT

I have currently all boxed the following: 3x RCGpx Splitty4
Farbwerk 360
2x splitty's for fans to AE6
1x Hubby7 as mobo only has 2 USB connectors
1x Aquabus Y splitter cable

Could any kindly soul let me know the best way to ensure that I connect everything correctly as I dont want to make any mistakes

Thanks in advance

Sunday, November 3rd 2019, 5:51am

How are your fans to be configured?
With three RGBpx Splitty4s, it looks like you want to have individual control for 3 banks of two fans?

Which are the splitty's in "2x splitty's for fans to AE6"?


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Sunday, November 3rd 2019, 8:56am

They are just normal splittys for the fan connections only to the AE6 have used them for years

Sunday, November 3rd 2019, 2:35pm

OK, I will assume that to be the splitty9 then.

But you did not confirm how you want to control the fans:
1. three banks of two fans, each bank individually controlled (3 fan controllers)
2. all six fans controlled by one fan controller.

And how would the LED controls be setup for the fans?
1. matching the three banks of two fans each (each bank of 2 fans has an LED controller)
2. something else?


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Sunday, November 3rd 2019, 3:41pm

I have all six fans connected to splitty 9 then connected to AE6 in single channel to keep things simple
Led controls would be whatever is simplest as would think all would be single static colour if I know Mrs well!- will be Purple for the Purple One!

Sunday, November 3rd 2019, 5:09pm

Below is how I would probably set it up:

- 1st set of 3 fan's PWM leads to 1st spiltty4 fan ports
- 1st set of 3 fan's LED leads to 1st splitty4 Corsair LED ports

- 2nd set of 3 fan's PWM leads to 2nd splitty4 fan ports
- 2nd set of 3 fan's LED leads to 2nd splitty4 Corsair LED ports

- 1st splitty4 fan 'IN' port to splitty9 fan port marked 'RPM'
- 2nd splitty4 fan 'IN' port to any other splitty9 fan out port
- splitty9 'INPUT' port to AE6 fan port 1 to 4, your choice
- ensure the splitty9 'aquabus' jumper is NOT set to aquabus or removed altogether

- 1st splitty4 RGBpx 'IN' port to farbwerk 360 RGBpx port 1
- 2nd splitty4 RGBpx 'IN' port to farbwerk 360 RGBpx port 2
- farbwerk 360 USB port to hubby7
- farbwerk 360 5/12V molex connector to PSU

- connect D5 NEXT USB port to hubby7

- connect hubby7 to mobo and then the aquaero, farbwerk 360 & D5 NEXT to the hubby7

Personally, I would not connect aquabus between any of the devices
Control the fan's speed under the aquasuite/aquaero/fan & controller tabs
Control the fan's LEDs under the aquasuite/farbwerk 360 tab
Control the D5 NEXT under the aquasuite/D5 NEXT tab

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Monday, November 4th 2019, 8:32pm

I really appreciate this IS- a great help


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Monday, November 11th 2019, 4:59pm

I have followed your recommendations for connection and am having major issues
My Aquaero 6 has disappeared from aquasuite no matter how i connect the usb to either the hubby or mobo directly- could be the cable so have ordered a replacement few to check
the farbwerk 360 does not seem to show any leds for the fans at all- unless I am doing something wrong which is very possible
the only good thing so far is I can control the D5 next speed to keep in nice and quiet but as the AE6 has vanished the fans are running at 100%

;( X( :D 8|

Thursday, November 14th 2019, 4:46am

I guess your local trouble shooting will figure out what's up with the aquaero USB connection.

Does the farbwerk 360 controller look anything like the quadro RGBpx controller?


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Thursday, November 14th 2019, 8:51am

the farbwerk bit it looks similar but it doesnt seem to allow me to set or save anything regarding the leds but as the AE6 is still not being seen, I dont think I can set the controllers up anywhere. I am waiting on new internal usb connectors to see if it is that causing the AE6 to not be seen as there is nothing anywhere showing me an error or install issue as far as I can see
I just hope that I dont have to go back to the corsair icue software for the lighting as it is awful to say the least


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Friday, November 15th 2019, 10:03am

It looks as if the AE6 has blown as I have tried it with 3 different usb connectors on 2 different machines and it is not recognised by either of them.
Have ordered a new one but still cant understand why no lighting at all so far as I have followed your connections

Friday, November 15th 2019, 3:02pm

I have not personally had that configuration in front of me, so I am a bit blind driving.

But I am very curious, so I ordered a triple fan package, a splitty4 and a farbwerk 360, so I can play a bit.
I won't have it all for a few days, but will let you know what I find when I get the pieces.

Wednesday, November 20th 2019, 8:26pm

I receive the last bit today and I am also fail getting the fan LEDs to light.

Initially I went with just the LED connections and not the fans being powered up, but adding the fans didn't help either.
I am able to control the LED strip that came with the farbwerk 360, but not the Corsairs fans through the splitty4.

Not sure what the issue is, I have the 3 fan's LED connectors inserted into the first 3 fan ports on the splitty4, but nothing using the controller below.
I may try to control the fans with the included controller from Corsair to see what happens.
I am able to control the fan LEDs with the included connections and the Corsair Link software.

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Thursday, November 21st 2019, 1:08pm

my AE6XT replacement has arrived so I will attempt to see if anything changes here and will let you know shortly ;( :D


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Friday, November 22nd 2019, 10:22am

Just seen on another site this about Corsair fans & farbwerk

My understanding is everyone uses 5v/data/na/ground while farbwerk uses 5v/na/data/ground and that people have had success by crossing the two middle wires.

Not had chance to see if it is possible to swap wires and see if it works but I might attempt to do so on one of the fans and see

Friday, November 22nd 2019, 1:53pm

OK, probably no harm in trying that, but I would think, were that the case, that aquacomputer would have addressed that in the design of the splitty4.


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Friday, November 22nd 2019, 5:24pm

Would need to find out if there is a problem with this- wonder if Sven or Shoggy could confirm that the splitty4 has done this
Otherwise cant see how or why it isnt working

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Friday, November 22nd 2019, 7:02pm

Sven & Shoggy (nom de guerre) are one and the same :)
I sent an email to support this morning and receive the following reply:


I am pretty sure that must be a timing problem with the frequency that the fans use for the LED data communication.

Our programmer will have to check this next week if there is an option that users can maybe switch between different ranges. I know that a while ago we already had to change this range for our own LED products since a batch of new LEDs were on the edge with their frequency and started to flicker randomly in some cases.

I will let you know when I got further information.


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Friday, November 22nd 2019, 10:16pm

Thanks for that- I’ll hang fire for the time being then


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Sunday, November 24th 2019, 5:22pm

Well, the new Aquaero 6 XT works fine but no change on the leds. I am so tempted to just use the corsair stuff for the led only and aquasuite for the rest.