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Junior Member

Having trouble daisy chaining two RGBpx SPLITTY4 units

Monday, March 9th 2020, 3:25am

This branch of my setup looks like this:
farbwerk 360 -> RGBpx SPLITTY4 (1) -> RGBpx SPLITTY4 (2)

I have tried changing the order of the two SPLITTY4s and only the first one works either way. I tested the cable connecting the two of them by connecting two RGBpx strips together and they worked.

What else should I try?

Monday, March 9th 2020, 4:51am

I do not believe you can daisy-chain multiple Splitty4s.

You can connect each one to its OWN port on the farbwerk 360, and drive them with separate controllers.


Junior Member

Monday, March 9th 2020, 1:56pm

It depends on which version of the SPLITTY4 you have. One version (not sure if it is the new or the old) has RGB ports labeled 'in' and 'out.' This is how the other branch of my lighting is configured (and it works nicely): farbwerk 360 -> SPLITTY4 -> SPLITTY4 -> SPLITTY4


Full Member

Monday, March 9th 2020, 2:46pm

Are all ports on both Splitt4 in use? I think chaining only works if all four connectors are in use, because otherwise the addressing is not chained. Maybe that is the issue here.



Monday, March 9th 2020, 2:47pm

The RGBpx OUT only works after you have connected 4 Corsair fans. It allows users to add more than 4 of these fans.

At all other devices there is no return of the RGBpx signal so we can not go ahead to the next splitter. If you would like to use it with less than 4 Corsair fans you can use a breaker to simply short the two pins in the middle of the Corsair connectors.
This will loop the RGBpx signal back to the next connector.


Junior Member

Monday, March 9th 2020, 3:47pm

Ah, ok. That makes perfect sense. On this branch, I'm running 3 pairs of fans in push/pull (6 fans total) so I had each set on its own SPLITTY. I can change them to 4 & 2 since I'm unlikely to want to control push separately from pull.

Thank you!

Monday, March 9th 2020, 11:10pm

It depends on which version of the SPLITTY4 you have. One version (not sure if it is the new or the old) has RGB ports labeled 'in' and 'out.'

Lol, wasn't aware of the upgrade. It should have been named splitt4+, or something to distinguish it from the old version... like the splitty9 active.
If one researches the item at aquacomputer's shop, but purchases at ANY other vendor, one may not get what one expects.
All the vendors I checked still have the old version... a bit devious.


Junior Member

Wednesday, March 11th 2020, 12:27pm

I wasn't aware there were two at first either. I bought six of them from the same seller and ended up with four that have the pass through and two which don't. This worked out just fine since I was planning to do two branches on my LEDs anyway.



Wednesday, March 11th 2020, 7:42pm

It is an upgrade - so it's simpy the same part number.