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Junior Member

aquaero and usb

Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010, 15:54


my system

msi p55 gd-80

i5 750

gtx 275 soc

corsair xms3 1600

silverstone da650

win 7 64bits pro

my aquaero is working fine, but i have two questions i would like to see if there are answers

1 - the aquaero usb conncetion is allways desapearing, so when entering windows i have to reinstall the usb driver so aquasuite can access the aquaero, is there any solution?

2 - i downloaded the latest jalcds file from aquacomputer but i can not work with it, only the configuration tool opens, the jalcds .exe gives allways errors

sorry for my english

any help is welcome

Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010, 21:05

Welcome to the forum :)

For your USB problem there is no typical solution available. That can be everything from driver problems to the BIOS.

jaLCDs is a very old program that gained no further support by the programmer over the last years. We have included a PDF file to get it running on current Windows systems. Maybe you want to run the text through Google. It is written in simple sentences so I think the translation should be acceptable ;)


Junior Member

Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010, 22:04


thanks for your help

i think that the usb problem is due to my overclock, so will make some testing and will let you know more in the near future

if it is not jalcd wich software do you recomend? if any?

and last jalcd works with win 7 64bits?


Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010, 23:15

Samurize was a good thing since we have a plugin which can transfer data from the aquaero to Samurize and vice versa. The bad thing: Samurize does not work with Windows 7 :thumbdown:
Currently there is no alternative available.

jaLCDs is able to work with Windows 7 64 if you follow the steps from the installation guide. The installation is a bit complicated... I had it for testing purposes on my Windows 7 64 system and even after the successful installation I still had some strange problems with that program - it was working but not very stable in my opinion.


Junior Member

Freitag, 18. Juni 2010, 00:16


thanks for your time

it's to bad as AE 4 is a great piece of hardware

Samstag, 19. Juni 2010, 14:32

The bad thing: Samurize does not work with Windows 7 :thumbdown:

No, Samurize work very good on Windows 7.
My plugin aqualite is a perfec exemple " a plugin for aquaero (monitor watercooling) AND core 2 duo temp" in Samurize.com

BUT, the aqua computer SDK for aquaero does not existe for a 64 bits system.


Junior Member

Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010, 11:26


thanks i will try samurize and your plugin aqualite

about the usb issues and my aquaero, i have been trying several configurations and i think it is aquasuite that is messing with my aquaero usb configuration because when i send any comand from aquasuite to my aquaero it works, but when i reboot the aquaero is no longer usb connected

so if possible please let me know this

1 - when i try to save changes made in aquasuite to the aquaero it stays "saving data/please wait" forever am i doing something wrong?

2 - is it possible to reset factory defaults in the aquaero without being throught aquasuite?

3 - is there any way to make aquaero display a text without being throught aquasuite?

4 - win 7 64bits install my aquaero without any issues until i start using aquasuite, is there any other driver i can use or i have to stick with the windows default?

i have aquasuite and aquaero OS and FW all updated to last settings

thanks for your help

Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010, 19:47

1.) Maybe you have activated the USB LCD mode? In this mode the aquaero waits for external data input and will not display its own screens like sensos values etc. until you press a button.

2.) To do a reset: shutdown the PC, press and hold the set button, start the PC and wait for around 2 seconds until the displays shows the text that the eeprom has been reset.

3.) No, not possible.

4.) You don't need any drivers and there also no drivers available. The aquaero is programmed as a HI-Device so it acts like a mouse or keyboard which is recognized by every operating system. The regular communication is done by the software.


Junior Member

Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010, 21:02

hi Shoggy

thanks for your time

yes the aquaero only display its screen after i press a button, but anyway it never displays what i tried to save from aquasuite

thanks for the instructions for a reset

to bad i can not change the text directly in the aquaero as the aquasuite is not working with me

and win 7 64 does install the aquaero the correct way, as a usb hub, a keyboard and general component hid,

i have a last question if it is not to bother much

when i enable a 4ghz overclock (and my system is full stable 24/7) the aquaero never is recognized when entering windows, as i have the 4 pin molex connected to the aquaero, do you think it can be power problem with my internal usb ports?

i will try to walk around i see if i can put it to work

thanks for your help and time


Junior Member

Montag, 21. Juni 2010, 00:02

Hi guys !

I am new here and new owner of Aquaero.

I have Asrock P55 board with same issues...but i FOUND the SOLUTION :)

I tried to plug usb into motherboar INTERNAL usb, but always getting some crazy error.
So, i have cut usb cable and make it INTERNAL->EXTERNAL :)

From Aquaero to back of my motherboard. All works fine for few days now.
I did custom cable, but i have found pic on net.

here it is.

Shoggy, i would like to change my Aquaero LCD language, so i have found that i have to change English language in Aquasuite then flash it. But, do i have to unplug all devices from it before flashing ?

Montag, 21. Juni 2010, 09:27

I would recommend to detach all connected things from the aquaero before you flash. It will also work when everything is connected but by detaching all stuff you can minimize the risk of a bad flash which would mean to send in the device for a repair.

edit: nice website ;)


Junior Member

Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010, 15:47

Didnt work :(

Still Error 10 :(

Ah...flashed bios, tried anything...but still not working full...

+ i have some strange issue with aquaero... after 10 mins, all fans and pump goes 100% then after 3 sec to default settings (like 60%) then again 100%...

i honestly doubt that usb pci card will help.


Junior Member

Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010, 17:23

As i can see, there is NO motherboard that works with aquaero :D

lol, can u fix this with firmware or patch !?

Asus/Asrock, EVGA, MSI....all have same problems.
U cant blame MBs for USB bug.

Sad, it costs 100+€ and not fully operational.

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010, 09:49

You can be sure it is no firmware issue with the aquaero. We sell thousands of them since several years now.

It is correct that there is a handful of mainboards that are not compatible for an unknown matter since our device is programmed according to all USB standards and has passed several tests. A few of those problematic mainboards worked after (later) BIOS updates. Also some customers mentioned that the aquaero is working when they connect it to the external USB connectors of their board.


Junior Member

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010, 15:21

Aquaero worked 1 day fully functional.
Now i can reset, disconect 100 times, and still same error...

Cant get it work.

So pissed right now. :cursing:

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010, 17:12

Do you have another PC where you can test it?


Junior Member

Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010, 09:17

hi, i'm back and would like to know/tell about the issues i am still having

don't need "miracle" help, just let me know if there is somtehing i can try to fixed it

1 - my aquaero when lose the usb connection if i load the default settings in bios is recognized again works just fine even with aquasuite

2 - when overclocking i allways lose the usb connection, and can't force it to be reconnect unless i reset aquaero/default settings in bios and lose the overclocking

i5 750


corsair xms3 1600

vore - 1,35

vtt - 1.25

dram - 1.65

pll - auto (1.80)

pch - auto (1.05)

processor/pcie amplitude control 800mv

3 - when sending a comand/text from aquasuite to aquaero by usb mode, when i restart the pc the usb is lost and have to reset aquaero/bios defaults

4 - my bios options for usb are just

enable usb

usb legacy

so is there something i can try, or something i must ask to msi support?

thanks again and sorry for the english



Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010, 11:44

Hi all,

Reading about the trouble with Aquaero and experiencing similar issues with the Aquaduct 360 on USB ports of new motherboards I tried some other things.

I now came to the conclusion that as suggested by a previous post a seperate USB card is not the solution for me. PC booted once recognizing the Aquaduct then refused every time after.

What works for me is boot the PC without Aquaduct connected to a USB port. After PC has been fully booted then connect the Aquaduct USB cable.

I also realize that this may be a bit less convenient to Aquaero users.

This again leads me to request Aqua Computer to correct their USB software interface. Having tried a seperate USB PCI card makes the story on motherboards being the reason for these USB errors less believable.

Aqua Computer --- your turn!


Junior Member

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010, 02:55

hello again

i have installed aquasuite version 4.67 and now everything seems to be working

still have to reset bios to default settings before applying overclock, but even with high overclock now aquaero is recognized in usb mode

please let me know this

when i send some text to aquaero from aquasuite it works until i reboot, when entering windows the text disapear and i have to send again from aquasuite to aquaero,is there some way i can make a text to show up allways in aquaero?

thanks for all the help and good to see you fixed aquasuite/usb issues

Freitag, 9. Juli 2010, 00:21

thanks for all the help and good to see you fixed aquasuite/usb issues
LOL... we have not changed anything here. The only new addition in .67 is the poweradjust 2 device window :D

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