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Backplate broke in assembly on Aqua Computer Vision 1151, help with trouble solving!

Donnerstag, 7. März 2019, 12:22

Hello forumfriends, greetings from Sweden!
Backplate problem, finally got my Aqua Computer Kryos Next Vision 1151 yesterday.
B U T the backplate broke when I tried to mount the cooler... :/
(Talk about anti-climactic, waited weeks for it to get in store then traveltime to Sweden and it's a dud.)
One corner would not fit, the pin-screw leaned very heavily.
Attempted to make all for pins grip just the very first thread and then tighten - and trying this the stud on the backplate snaps off.

First Pic = The stud snapped offSecond Pic = You can clearly see that one half of the hole is round, the other is jagged, and that the stud was obviosly seated off center.
Okey I wrote Aqua Computer how to procede, but meanwhile waiting for reply I would like to ask you friends if there is any other solution/backplate that would fit or if you have any solution to this if I want my PC up and running?
E V E R Y T H I N G is here for my brand new PC build and I thought I would get to start her yesterday,
This made me so sad that me old eyes watering. (Silly me, I know, but there it is)
My small village only have two electronic shoppingstores, both are so small that they virtually have nothing in stock at all.
I have to drive an hour to get to the closest town that m i g h t have a couple of aircoolers, could another backplate fit this?
Is there any other solution to get my rig/Aqua Computer Vision 1151 safely attached so I can start my PC?
Despite not wanting to tell this I think I have to, to explain why I need a budget solution if anyone is clever enough to have one.

Any short time solution would be extremely appreciated until the RMA gone through. (Great quick support reply from AquaComputer/Nicole. Just waiting for the return adress for the backplate)
Is there a budget solution for then it would be great as my budget ran dry on the computerbuild. (Few bucks due to disability/broken back) pc build obviously based on loans and I cant get any more cred.
Thank you friends for having me at your great forum, I look forward sharing my PC build as soon as I possibly can.
Have a wonderful day,
Look forward to your feedback mates,

/Silverbullit (Your Swedish forumfriend)
Edit, drove +18 miles today looking for a backplate or somebody that could make a backplate with same tolerances. Just back and its Not happening...

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Freitag, 8. März 2019, 11:44

why not use instant adhesive to glue that stud back to the plate until you get an replacement? ?(
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Freitag, 8. März 2019, 13:48

instant adhesive isn't so stable I guess; but 2 component epoxy glue is my preferred solution for those kind of problems (I'm using Pattex Stabilit Express, don't know whether that's available in SWE... comes with a tube of resin and hardening powder you have to mix together).

Freitag, 8. März 2019, 15:37

it doesn't have to be stable, it just needs to hold the stud in place until the screw grips.
you can even hold it with your finger
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