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Aquaero 6 XT + Farbwerk - Problem

Mittwoch, 23. August 2017, 21:48

Hi guys!

I am new here so first I would like to say hello to whole AquaComputer community :) English is not my native language, so I want to apologize for my mistakes. Sorry for such a long post but I want to precisely describe my problem.

I have been interested in water cooling since 2002 year. Now it is time to make my own custom loop. Earlier I had a hard time and lack of financial resources so in my free time I collected necessary informations, reading test and reviews. Life is too short for waiting. Aquaero is the most advanced liquid cooling and air cooling controller on the market so I decided to begin from buying Aquaero 6 XT and collecting WC stuff.

A few days ago I bought an Aquaero 6 XT unit. I am a Farbwerk owner from a few months too. Right now I have those two controllers on my PC.
I am learning how to use those pieces of hardware and planning my loop in near future.

I have two operating system on my machine - Windows 7 and Windows 10 but my Win 10 broke down a month ago, so I installed the latest 1703 Build. I have everything updated on my system.
Farbwerk is working, blue led is lighting and controller remembers latest settings from Wndows 7. I think it is not a unit fault. All wires are fine too and properly connected. I am using latest Aquasuite version 2017-2, everything is very fast and responsive.

When I connected Farbwerk through aquabus first time on Windows 10 together with my Aquaero 6 I didn't have a visible icon on the left collumn but under Aquaero tab i had option to select Farbwerk aquabus ID (21 or 22 I think) so device is working but not recognized.

I got the idea to connect only Farbwerk through USB cable. Aquasuite discovered this unit and showed message to update firmware. I updated firmware and got a 2016 license. All functions under software was working fine. I restarted my computer, disconnected USB cable and connect Farbwerk to Aquero 6 via aquabus again.

After reboot I had a USB sign with a red cross and message that unit is disconnected and I accidentally press "remove device from Aquasuite" button. It was my fault. From now on I have under Aquasuite - licence manager tab message "farbwerk disconnected" and my Farbwerk device totally has disappeared from Aquasuite software.

Can sameone tell me what I did wrong and how can I bring back Farbwerk in Aquasuite? I switched USB cable and connect to different motherboard USB header, connected Farbwerk to different free headers on my NZXT IU01 USB Hub and nothing happens. I have Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard. When I connect Farbwerk through aquabus cable, unit should be visible on the left collumn under Aquaero tab? Am I right?

Is any chance to restart software? Reinstall maybe or delete settings file? And a small question - when i reinstall my software will I have the same 2019 licence?

How to solve this problem guys? Thank you for your reply. Greets


Junior Member

Freitag, 25. August 2017, 01:59

Freitag, 25. August 2017, 12:07

Thank you for your reply lovan6.

I partially solved my problem.

I completely removed Aquasuite 2016 from my Win 7 and installed 2017 version, connected first Aquaero 6 through USB and after that Farbwerk. Now I have Aquaero and Farbwerk license and it looks like it works now with USB connection. Now I can control my led strips an see Farbwerk like a separate USB device on the left tab. I did the same thing on my Window 10.

I don't know if this is NZXT IU01 fault. I have connected to this HUB - front USB panel from my case (4 ports 2x2 port - two double motherboard header cables), USB control dongle from my Corsair AX 1200i PSU and Aquaero 6 XT and everything is working fine now. Farbwerk controller is connected directly to motherboard USB header (I have two free slots).

When I diconnect USB cable, replace cable and connect to different USB port I have greyed out message and crossed red USB symbol - device is disconnected under software.
I don't know how to do this, maybe I am blind or something :( I bought Splitty Hub for my future LC build and aquabus connection but I can't set Farbwerk as a aquabus device. When I connect with 4-Pin aquabus cable I do not have a visible Farbwerk symbol on the left side only crossed red USB sign. Aquasuite under Aquaero -> Aquabus see my Real Time Module and Aquabus ID from Farbwerk (as a connected device). When I remove diconnected device in software or switch USB cable then Farbwerk disappears completly from Aquasuite and I can't fix this situation. I must start from beginning.

I don't have any option to set priority to aquabus from USB under Farbwerk and Aquaero tab or any other similar option in software. How can I do this and force Farbwerk to work as a aquabus device? Everything is updated right how (firmware). This is my biggest problem right now.

Freitag, 25. August 2017, 20:11

It does not work this way. Devices that are only connected via aquabus do not get their own device tab like you see when connected via USB. Such devices are fully integrated to the menu structure of the aquaero.

At first you have to connect the farbwerk via USB again and change the mode of all channels to external control.

In the outputs tab of the aquaero you should make sure that all channels of the farbwerk are set to be used directly. Go to the controller tab, click the upper right button and select preset value for example. In this new controller box (maybe you have to scroll down) you also click on the plus icon on the right to assign one ore more channels of the farbwerk. When you move the slider the ouput of the farbwerk should be adjusted. This is just a simple example, but it works pretty much the same way for the more complex controller types.

Freitag, 25. August 2017, 23:15

Thank you Shoggy for your answer.

Yes, Farbwerk is working right now. It was my fault and my misunderstanding. I thought that connecting Farbwerk unit under control of Aquaero I will have a independent Farbwerk tab on the left side, directly under Aquaero tab.

Now I have on every channel (I have 4 led strips channels) a separate RGB color, so three color per one led stripe. Is any chance to set similar control panel, with a circle to control all colors, not only a one color controled by percentage value? When I delete disconnected Farbwerk from Aquasuite and connect via USB cable again, will I see my device on the left panel with USB icon or it will remove Farbwerk permanently from software again?

Shoggy, can I ask you a one more thing? You are an admin and a AquaComputer staff member. You have the knowledge and experience. I am a new user of Aquaero and I have a lot to learn. This is very important to make a right choices and be prepared. I will give you an example.I am planning to build LC PC - main machine and a small HTPC computer, two under control of Aquaero and placed in one case. Reading an Aquaero description I discovered many opportunities to connect very wide range of additional MPS sensors. When I was young I always liked to watch various kind of indicators, car gauges etc. Now I like it too.

They can be connected by USB cable or by aquabus port. I think it is important to make a firmware update and set up properly every device under software. USB connection is required. I shoud at least once connect them to USB header. Am I right? Then I can leave it as USB unit, aquabus device or disconnect from USB header.

I guess aquabus has a limited number of free slots (for aquabus devices). for example 20 and 21 ID for Farbwerk. What If I want to connect three Farbwerk units simultaneously? I don't need a three of them, but if two ot them are connected via aquabus header, is it possible to use a third device via USB as separate unit? Two aquabus and one USB unit? Will the sofftware receive the readings from all devices? Exactly the same situation with MPS sensors - flow meters, preassure meters or fill level sensor, with exceeded limit of aquabus connections.

Sorry for a such long post and thank you guys for your help.