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Question about aquastream ultimate before purchase (and aquasuite/aquaero)

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018, 16:12

Hello (i apologize for speaking english but it's either that or french, the only thing in deutsche i can say is deutsche ist so schwer :D )

So i am about to finish my custom loop (first open loop weee) and the last part is a pump/reservoir.
I currently can't decide between the d5 and the aquastream ultimate so i would need a few answers if possible.

Regarding aquasuite, i want to know if it is possible to combine several temperature sensors (mainly one in the loop for coolant temperature and one in the case for ambiant air temperature) and calculate a delta with those temperatures.
It seems that would require me to create maybe a virtual sensor?

The idea is to control the pwn fans of my radiators which are plugged into the motherboard according to this delta.
I have a total of 8fans i need to control, the other fans (the fans for the air in my case) are of no concern and run at a bios set speed.
Can i do that and will it be mandatory to get an aquaero?

From what i read of the manual it seems this would require me to purchase the Advanced Controller Package (maybe not having to buy an aquaero with this ?), however i didn't find it on aquacomputer website.
What is it exactly, what does it do and where can i buy it if required ?

Regarding the aquastream ULTIMATE, it says in the manual that only aquacomputer coolants are recommended, does someones knows if they tested it with other brands like mayhem? (i use ek coolant but that's just mayhem rebranded)
I know i will have less flow but will that be enough to use the virtual flow sensor feature?
I would like to use that to shutdown my pc, i already have a shutdown set in coreTemp but more security never hurts :)

I have two blocks (one on my 5960x cpu and one on my gtx 1080ti) with two 480mm radiator, i plan on adding 5 qdc later, will the pump be enough? (i intend to run the pump at low speed, apparently it is silent but not so much at high rpm, only review i could find with subs was in korean)

Does aquacomputer have a unit with the same features as the aquastream ultimate but with a d5 pump?
That would be awesome, didn't find anything in the list of products but we never know !

Montag, 7. Mai 2018, 09:29

The aquastream ULTIMATE does not offer virtual temperature sensors. This feature is only available with the aquaero 5/6.

The advanced controller package (won't help here) is a license key that unlocks additional features of the pump. The key will be purchased through the aquasuite software - because of this you will not find it as seperate item in the webshop.

Montag, 7. Mai 2018, 12:43

I don 't want to combine the sensors with the aquastream.
I want to combine them in aquasuite.
Maybe the term "virtual temperature sensor" was misleading, i just used it (with a maybe) to create a point of refence of what i want to do

Montag, 7. Mai 2018, 13:30

It was not misleading. The required feature is called virtual temperature and the pump does not support it so the software does not support it too because all calculations are processed by the hardware. The aquasuite only acts as graphical user interface.