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Junior Member

Aquaero 6 Power down??

Samstag, 14. Juli 2018, 02:10

I own an Aquaero 6 XT and the screen never turns off when the computer powers down. Would someone be so kind as to direct me to the instructions to power it down. Primarily because my PC is on my desk in my room and at night its distracting while trying to sleep. Thank you.

Samstag, 14. Juli 2018, 04:40

Hi there,

I can see when your screen might stay on if your system is in sleep/hibernation mode, but if you power you PC down, the screen should be off. Make sure that you have ErP (power saving mode) enabled in your Bios, most new PSU's now days are ErP ready. Also you can go to aquasuite user interface and adjust the brightens of Aquaero's interface, if you ever leave your PC in sleep mode you can adjust the brightness to very dim.

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Samstag, 14. Juli 2018, 20:19

It can not be powered down because the aquaeo will always get power through USB. This allows the device to use timer actions or the remote control to start the PC.

In the information pages tab you could upload a black image as standby screen and as Dundys said in the user interface tab you can control the backlight settings for the standby mode. You can make the device look like it is completely off but as it will not be off ;) To achieve this you would have to remove the red wire (+5V) from the USB connection. If you do so, isolate the ending of the wire to avoid short circuits!