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Using other brand flow meters with Aquaero 6 or Poweradjust.

Montag, 10. September 2018, 18:41

Hi, I realized that the "user defined" option under flow sensors can not be increased beyond 1000 pulse/litre. Is this a limitation or can it be increased with a firmware or software update?

I connected a Aquatuning GMR Flow Sensor (a transparent type - I wanted to see something spinning when there is flow and Aquacomputer has nothing like this) to both a Aquaero 6 XT and a Poweradjust 3. It works fine except the impulse/liter can not be increased to over 1000. The datasheet for this meter specify 2100 pulse = 1 liter so my reading is off.

I also have a Aquacomputer Flow sensor mps flow 400 in the same loop both readings are different.

Montag, 10. September 2018, 19:52

This it not possible. You have to use an other flow meter.

Montag, 10. September 2018, 21:10

Might be possible. It wasn’t possible to slave another aquaero and use it for PWM fans...and then it was. Just wait a while.

Montag, 10. September 2018, 21:18

The thing is it was already the other way around: in very old firmware versions it was possible to use such high values with the effect that such sensors produced messed up values so we limited it.

Dienstag, 11. September 2018, 17:03

Ok. I guess I will just have to head into some electronics and build a frequency divider.

Thanks guys.

Dienstag, 11. September 2018, 17:07

I am starting to grin because this is the endless journey that also other customers took when they wanted to use such a sensor with an aquaero. I guess you can find some of this stuff via Google.