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Complex setup buying advice

Freitag, 11. Januar 2019, 00:28

Hi Guys
I has been years since I build a PC (i guess 7-8 years back). Its time again and the only remaining component to still purchase before I begin the "last" build is all the cooling controller hardware.
Its an expensive build, and I do not want to fiddle around with "hacked / half backed" solutions. I will try and explain with a picture.

OK, so I have MKII Murderbox, and there is a Farbwerk that control the front light, and I also have the front face plate to mount an Aquaero 6 Pro in one of the internal bays.

In the bottom section, I have EKWB XE 480 and 240, with 6 x EK Vader Evo (500-2200rpm) PWN fans.
The I have a roller type input fan and a skeleton extraction fan(s) (3 in one) at the top.
I want to put 2 D5's is series using EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 Serial (without their pumps, rather the AquaComputer ones)
On temprature, measurement before in and after out on the radiators,
One after each graphics card, and one just after the CPU.
A flow sensor somewhere in the loop, and pressure sensor on before and after pump(s).

Now for the questions, on the connections.....
First I started to flank things together, like the Clock, X4, etc, but then I realized, I can't have both...
..then I started downloading english and german manuals and try to figure it all out...

So my purchase list is the following:
  • Aquaero 6 PRO USB

  • Real Time Clock expansion module

  • Passive heat sink for Aquaero 6

  • aquabus X4 for aquaero 5/6 (Seems that it plugs in at same connector as the Real Time Clock, so I can only have one of the 2)

  • Calitemp digital temperature sensor internal/external thread G1/4

  • SPLITTY9 splitter for up to 9 fans or aquabus devices (not needed as it seems that I can drive all my fans from the 4 fan connectors on the Aquaero)

  • Flow sensor high flow G1/4 ,

  • 2 x Poweradjust 3 USB, ultra version

  • 2 x Aqua Computer D5 pump motor with PWM input and speed signal

  • 2 x Passive heat sink for poweradjust 3

  1. The fan connectors on the Aquaero 6 seems adequate!
  2. The Aquaero 6 PRO comes with 4 temp sensors, right? These I will use for where mentioned, but in addition
  3. The 5th temp sensor will be the one just after the CPU, and this will be the Calitemp digital temperature.
  4. To drive the 2 x D5 pumps, I for sure need 2 x Poweradjust 3's. These connect with Aquabus to my Aquaero, but hang on, just one Aquabus high on the Aquaero.
  5. So this is where the Real Time Clock comes in. It seems that it plugs in on top of the Aquaero's aquabus, and then have 2 x aquabus's out. These is then used for the 2 x PowerAdjust3's, RIGHT?
  6. Now for the pressure and the flow sensors. The PowerAdjust in their turn has aquabus connectors, so this is the aquabus's where I connect my pressure sensor and the flow sensor with the other PowerAdjust. IS THIS RIGHT?
  7. What did I miss, my damm FABwerk. How do I now get his connected? (I know I can USB and Bluetooth it, but I prefer having its full functionality integrated with the rest.
  8. I know about one options, and that is to drop the Real Time Clock, and in its place, get a Aquabus X4.... then there will be 2 additional aquabus's and one of them can be used with the FabWerk. Except for this, do I have any other options?

    @Support, or anyone.... please help asap, before my wife spend my savings and then it ill be too late to purchase computer parts :-)


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Junior Member

Freitag, 11. Januar 2019, 00:38

FYI the Calitemp uses aquabus, not the normal 2 pin temp sensor connector. You could use a regular water temp sensor instead. Yes the Aquaero comes with 4 air temp sensors

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Freitag, 11. Januar 2019, 01:29

- You can use Y-cables for Aquabus. (or a splitty9 configured for aquabus with a jumper) to connect more Aquabus devices to the Aquaero. https://shop.aquacomputer.de/product_inf…roducts_id=2846 https://shop.aquacomputer.de/product_inf…roducts_id=3420
no need for a real time clock module or other stuff to split aquabus connectors.
Aquabus uses an I2C bus, each connected device is addressed by using a seperate bus address. thats why you can use y-cables for aquabus without problems. More information on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%C2%B2C

- the Poweradjust3 does not support PWM and cant control your Pumps with PWM signal. Get rid of both Poweradjust3 and get a Quadro instead. https://shop.aquacomputer.de/product_inf…roducts_id=3773
Connect the Quadro with Aquabus to the Aquaero, and the Pump to the FAN Ports on the Quadro. Then you can control the pumps with the PWM signal with the Aquaero using the aquabus connection.

- the passive cooler for the Aquaero is not necessary if you only connect 8 Fans.

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Freitag, 11. Januar 2019, 06:50

and don't forget to have in minimum the posibility to plug all the active devices to USB. It's always needed for upgradings.


Freitag, 11. Januar 2019, 07:44

Tx everyone. So its back to the drawing board for me. Let me reconfigure, based on all the input.

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