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Aquaero with Powerbooster overheating?

Freitag, 11. September 2009, 15:42


I have brought a VFD Aquaero 4.00 and upgraded it with a Aquaero 4.00 LT with preinstalled powerbooster, through the post "Aquaero with the new Powerbooster able to control DDC pumps! " in the watercooling section of XtremeSystems forums.

I connected my DDC pump to Fan1 and setting the Aquaero to control the pump between 50% to 100% power, however after using my PC for a while there was a burnt smell coming from the Aquaero... So I used a infrared surface thermometer to measure the temperature of the Aquaero powerbooster heatsink, and to my surprise it was over 90 degrees!!

I have since pointed a fan at the Aquaero, and have to keep the pump at above 80% RPM to keep the temp below 60C, but the air from the Aquaero still smells like something's burnt, and at 100% power from the Aquaero the flow rate is now lower then when first installed.

Was the Aquaero with powerbooster not designed to undervolt the pump as I had believed
(otherwise why not just plug it in to molex at 12V)? And is my new Aquaero now damaged? :(

Thanks in advance!

Freitag, 11. September 2009, 20:17

I replaced the PCB with the powerbooster with my old non-boosted one, and removed the heatsink. Here is some pictures of the circuitry powering Fan1 3pin;

There seems to be brown marks around the FET and some sort of solder-like substance coming out between the FET and the PCB...

Also in the picture the 2 resistors increasing channel 1 power are clealy visible, so there is no doubt wether this is the factory-modified power-boosted version.

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Freitag, 11. September 2009, 23:03

Send it back to where you got it for some warranty work or exchange.

Samstag, 12. September 2009, 00:15

I want to make sure this is a one off case and the new one will be functioning as advertised before going through the hassle of RMA for an exchange... If not an official post should make the refund go more smoothly.