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Double check before i order an A5 LT

Saturday, September 1st 2012, 2:47pm

Hi 1st post so sorry its a question :P, but I've had a couple bloopers with this build and I just wanted to see if all this will work as intended without a PA2 but i think i need one.
(main blooper was a HDD killing my mobo and all the other HDD's 2 weeks after i get my temporary loop installed)

Setup is currently:
CPU+3GPU blocks (2 full 1 uni)
360 and 420 RAD
2x EK 4.0 pumps (a res for each) 18w @1.8A (+/-10%)
7 typhoons

What i plan to add is:
1 flow meter (I might add in a 2nd flow meeter due to having 2 res not sure atm but seems overkill)
2 temp sensors

The Fans will be split into two groups 3+4 (possibly 6+8 eventually if needed) and I wanted to run the pumps individually is why I'm thinking I'll need the PA2 eventually,

But to the questions.
Could I to cut corners for the time being run 2 of those pumps off just the A5 LT's one connector?
Does the PA2 come with the cable to connect the A5? (as I know the flow meter doesn't)
What's the best way to connect all the fans to the 1 header?

Cheers for any reply's

Saturday, September 1st 2012, 2:51pm

Oww... and a 2nd though, the Aquaero will be fine running off a PSU that's not running the PC yeah?
without it get pissy when I turn on the PC?

Probably not important as I may link the PSU's to share the load on the GPU 6 pins but not decided yet as I like having all the lights and pumps on without the PC for effect lol.


Junior Member

RE: Double check before i order an A5 LT

Saturday, September 1st 2012, 3:14pm

Could I to cut corners for the time being run 2 of those pumps off just the A5 LT's one connector?

Nope... You can't draw 36W out of a single channel. Technically you should be able to draw 18W per channel, but I'd recommend using the headers in opposite sides of the row (1 and 4 for instance). The heatsink attached to the AE5 LT would be highly recommedable too (not sure if the AE5 LT ships with heatsink these days, mine didn't), and some air flow (not a dedicated fan per se, just make sure that the heatsink can actually dissipate heat, rather than being buried under a rat's nest of cables in some remote bay inside the case).

Does the PA2 come with the cable to connect the A5? (as I know the flow meter doesn't)

Not sure I follow... if you mean the Aquabus cable I don't believe so. However is just a 3 pin molex female-female cable (for the "low-speed Aquabus") and if my memory serves me well it comes with a "speed signal cable" (to connect the tacho output of the PA2 to a fan header in the MB for instance), I believe you could use that.

What's the best way to connect all the fans to the 1 header?

Personally I made some custom PCBs (very simple task really, 3 pin headers are easy to source, so is stripboard) because fan splitter cables are an unholy mess, and the available splitter PCBs at the time were of really poor quality. However if the soldering iron is not your thing, splitter cables will do.

EDIT: This pic may illustrate what I meant... It uses a different header to power the fans because it was more convenient for me, the 3 pin header is actually the power feed, but I think you'll get the general idea.

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Saturday, September 1st 2012, 3:55pm

I highly recomend getting the water block for theAquero 5 if you want to run the pumps and fans from the Aquero. You would best use fan 1 for second flow meter input, fan2 for pump 1, fan 3 for Typhoon Fans, fan 4 for second pump.

Un fortunatly this would result in running all fans at the same speed, and possiable heating problems if you run the pumps at 50% speed.

A less expensive option is to just run the pumps straight off the PSU with a 4 pin molex to 3 pin adapter. This means the pumps will be running at max speed with no input to Aquero 5 or control from it, but this allows splitting the fans into three groups controlled by the Aquero 5, and still have Fan1 connector free for a second flow meter, which would be a good idea to monitor the second pump loop. This would also allow for not useing the Aquero Water block. If I read the EK website information correctly, you can also power a pump from the Motherboard CPU Fan connector. This has the advantage of allowing the BIOS to control the pump speed and provide pump failure detection. I doubt the other Motherboard fan connectors can be used for the other pump, because most M.B. CPU fan headers are designed for high power CPU fans.

Frankly, I suggest getting the second flow meter installed from the start and connecting the pumps to the PSU at first, then switch them over to PA2's as money allows. And I would plan on a PA2 for each pump.

Yes, the PA2's are shipped with a 3 pin cable to connect the PA2 to the Aquero 5 Aquabus. But the cables are easy to find and not expensive.

Several web shops have various fan splitter cables. The key is to make sure that only ONE fan speed signal is sent to the Aquero Fan control header. Otherwise the speed signal gets confusing and eratic.
AMD FX-8150 OctoCore O.C. 18% to 4.2 GHz on ASUS M5A99X EVO with 16 GB Corsair Dominator W. C. RAM, 2 nVIDIA Geforce 560TI W.C. in SLI, six Western Digital drives for a total of 4.07 TBytes, AquaComputer Aquero 5 Pro, AquaComputer D5 pump, Multiswitch USB, tubemeter and Kyros CPU block. Two coolant loops,CPU & SLI, MB, RAM and AQ5, with two flow meters. Running Windows 7 Professional 64, and using Open Hardware Monitor v0.5.1Beta Aquasuite B16 hardware temps.

Saturday, September 1st 2012, 4:55pm

Cheers :D
That Pretty much confirms what i was thinking,

Guess I'll grab a PA2 run one of the pumps now and the flow meter.
An get a 2nd PA2 when and if I add in more fans or an additional flow.

I was going to test out using the side of a 5way splitter already in the loop over the waterblock 1st :whistling:

An MrToad the custom job is something the final build will probably get, as the power on/extra usb's an such are getting a custom pcb so simple enough to do a few more.

But thanks for the quick reply guys :thumbup: