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What is necessary to get my setup working as advertised?

Thursday, September 29th 2016, 8:34pm

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum BUT not completely
new to AquaComputer and their amazing products. I have used some of their kit
in my water cooling setup in the past….BUT I have been rather busy with other
things over the last 3 years and I have been left behind in their advancement
in the meantime.

I have a question as to what I need to get me setup working
properly with the hardware that I am about to purchase…I would like all the
sensors to work as advertised with gaining as much info on the aquero 6XT

I will have two identical loops in my setup. One loop for my
CPU,mosfets and SouthBridge of the Rampage 5 Extreme mobo and the second loop
for my Graphic Cards which are in SLI. I have CaseLabs Magnum TH10A case…so space is not an issue.

EACH loop will have 2 X 480 Radiators with 16 fans on a push/pull configuration.
It will have 2 temp sensors with temp of water going into the water block and temp out of the water block. It will have
a flow sensor. Water will leave the radiators and enter the water block and
when it leaves the water block ..it enters the 880mls Aqualis reservoir with
D5Pump and adapter. It will leave this Aqualis reservoir and enter the second
reservoir (Aquatube with AquaJet) which will be installed in the front bay
drives. Water then leaves this Aquatube and back to the Radiators. All this is
for ONE LOOP only.

I will have a second identical loop with the same hardware.
All this will be controlled by Aquero 6XT..

My question….Is this possible with one Aquero 6XT to monitor
the temps, flow rates, fan rpms…do I need to purchase anything else to get
water temp in and out of the water blocks, water flow rate in the loop, pump
reading(water temp in pump, pump rpm), fan rpms. Obviously I would like the
sensors to interact with each other and adapt accordingly based on temperature

Do I need to purchase Poweradjusts..or anything else to get
all this to work together..?

Thanks in advance.

My setup is a 5960X in Rampage 5 Extreme with EK monoblock.
EK Coolstream 480XE Radiators and many (32) Static Pressure fans on the
radiators. I also have the Mod My Toys 8 way splitter for the radiator fans.


Sven - Admin

Friday, September 30th 2016, 12:21pm

I think your initial shopping list for the controlling/monitoring related stuff should look something like that:

1x aquaero 6
8x inline temperature sensor [1]
1x high flow sensor[2]
1x connection cable for high flow sensor
1x high flow sensor with USB and aquabus[3]
2x D5 pump with USB and aquabus[4]
5x splitter for the fans and aquabus devices[5]
1x 4-pin aquabus cable[6]

[1] The aquaero has eight temperatur sensor port but you could connect even a few more because also the aquabus devices have an external temperature sensor port which can be read out from the aquaero via aquabus. I find it a bit questionable to measure the inlet and outlet temperature of the blocks. The difference will be rather small and does not provide much helpful data. Using the temperature sensors on the radiators would make more sense. If the water flows through both with nothing in between, then you should connect one sensor on the inlet of the first radiator and another sensor on the outlet of the second radiator. Together with the flow rate the aquaero can calculate the theoretical thermal dissipation loss. At least this is some useful number. Besides that the general water temperature is more important to control the fans.

[2] This sensor will use the dedicated flow port on the aquaero...

[3]...while this one is basically the same but will be connected via aquabus. It is possible to change the configuration of the first fan channel to serve as a second flow sensor port but in this case you will also use it as a fan channel. I would say that does not make much sense in your setup.

[4] I am not sure if you already have the pumps or not. If not this variant is interesting because it can be controlled through the aquabus interface.

[5] You would use four splitter for the fans (4x 8 fans) while the 5th splitter will be used to connect all aquabus devices to the aquaero. Please note that the flow sensor and D5 pumps with aquabus use the same controller board so they also use the same aquabus ID by default. You will have to connect these devices via USB first to assign unique aquabus ID numbers and for the pumps you also have to change their communication priority from USB to aquabus because otherwise you will not be able to control them through the aquaero.

I do not know your fans so keep in mind the aquaero is doing about 30W per channel. Of course you can only monitor one rpm signal per channel. It is the fan that will be connected to the port marked with "rpm". I am not 100% sure but afaik the ModMyToys splitter forwards all lines which means it will also forward all rpm signals of the connected fans which will not work.

[6] The 4-pin cable allows to use the flow sensor with USB and aquabus to be used without the USB cable (after configuration). Normally the sensor gets its power via USB but with the 4-pin aquabus cable it can be powered through the aquaero so you can remove the USB cable to get everything a bit more organized. Same for the D5 pumps with USB and aquabus but since they must be powered by the PSU anyway, there is no need to use them with a 4-pin cable. A 3-pin cable is supplied with them which is enough to communicate with the aquaero.

Saturday, October 1st 2016, 10:17am

Thank you Shoggy for your reply and advice...I have actually purchased all the big items such as D5 pumps with Aquabus and USB with the pump adapter and the Aqaualis reservoir and the Aquero 6XT....I have to purchase one more splitty splitter, aquabus cables and the flow meters as you have mentioned. I will take advice on the temperature sensors being fitted to inflow and outflow of the radiators.

The modmytoys splitter actually relies on just one fan for rpm readings and not take all the rpm readings from each fan individually.
The fans that I have purchased are the EK Vardar 2000rpm fans. I have also purchased the passive heatsink for the aquero 6XT...which not only looks cool BUT serves its function to dissipate heat and increase wattage tolerance to 36watts if I am not mistaken.

I am just a little confused with some connection advice...I am under the impression that both the D5 pumps connect to the splitter using the 3 pin aquabus cable supplied with the pump.(after configuring the ID channel via USB), one flow meter via 4 pin aquabus cable to the splitter(after ID change via USB), One flow meter connected directly to the aquero using the dedicated flow channel on the aquero. Both the pumps will be powered directly by molex connector from the PSU. All the temp sensors connected directly to the aquero on the temp sensor channel.
The 5th aquabus splitter which is connected to two D5 pumps via 3 pin aquabus and 1 flow meter via 4 pin aquabus...this splitter is connected to the aquero on high speed aquabus connector on the aquero....
Is this connection scheme correct?
Thank you.


Sven - Admin

Thursday, October 6th 2016, 1:42pm

With this setup you have too much aquabus devices of the same type. The D5 pump, the flow and the fill level sensor use the same controller board. The aquaero can handle only up to four of them.

You could also use the mentioned 3-pin flow sensor (without aquabus) and connected it to the first fan channel of the aquaero. This channel allows to change its configuration to act as a second flow port. If you do so you will lose this channel for fans of course.

The aquabus is a real bus system so the devices must be only connected in some way to the highspeed port of the aquaero. If you use a splitter, several y-adapters or a combination of both or something completely different does not matter. I recommend to connect all aquabus devices to one splitter since it should be the best solution. Using several adapters etc. could lead to communication problems between the devices and it is enough to have one device acting weird to crash the whole communication of all other devices.

Friday, October 7th 2016, 4:49pm

I have Aquero 5XT laying around here...I think I will end up using it for one loop and the Aquero 6XT for the second loop. Each loop will have its own flow meter, temp sensors, fan controls and D5 pump control...and each loop will have its own Aquero to control it.....So Aquero 5XT and Aquero 6XT will separately controlling one loop each separately. Both Aqueros can be used at the same time by the AquaSuite software... I presume from reading elsewhere in this forum.
I should hope this will simplify the connection scheme.....
Shoggy ......Do you think this is possible?

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Sven - Admin

Friday, October 7th 2016, 11:11pm

Would solve your problems and using two of them side by side is no problem. Each device will get its own tab in the software.

Saturday, October 8th 2016, 12:20pm

Thank you...That is what I will do going forward. :) :)